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Mario Brothers Birthday Party-Jackson is Five!

Whew you guys, this weekend was crazy! We celebrated Jackson turning five with a Mario Brothers birthday party, and had so much to pack in. After lots of busy weekends, we finally had a chance to head up to the lake, and we couldn’t pass it up. Of course, Jackson was also adamant about having a birthday party. While he wanted a day at the lake, he also REALLY didn’t want to give up a party. With him starting school this year, we may be at the end of the family birthday parties, and FIVE is a big deal, so how could I say no!? So, after a FULL day of swimming on Saturday and letting him pick whatever he wanted for lunch (macaroni and chicken nuggets, of course), we got home around 10pm. We were up bright and early to get everything ready for his Mario brothers birthday party, and he had SO much fun! He is at that age where he looks forward to things for months in advance. I lost count of how many times this weekend he asked me ‘am I actually five’ or ‘is today actually my party’. He is just so darn smart, and so darn BIG, and nothing makes me happier than seeing him happy!

Mario Brothers Birthday Party

mario brothers birthday party

5 Balloon // Cake Topper // Letterboard // Red Mushroom Balloons // Cake Stand

This party was a welcome change of pace from the Spider-Man world I have been living in for the past six months or so 😉 Mike pulled out his old Super Nintendo a few months ago, and when the boys are good we let them play a little bit of Super Mario. I secretly love it, because while I do not like video games very much, I am not sure anyone can say no to a classic like Mario! You won’t find me getting upset when Jackson asks me to help him beat a level 😉 The boys loved that I did some fun crafts for his Mario Brothers birthday party, and they were so easy!

Do not let their faces fool you. We wanted a fun brothers picture, so naturally Lincoln stuck his hands inside of his overalls and Jackson tried to look serious. #boymom I found their hats at Party City, and got Jackson’s overalls here and Lincoln’s here.

The DIY Projects

mario brothers birthday party

I had the brick plastic leftover from Jackson’s Ninja Turtle party last year, and wrapped square boxes with it to look like the bricks from the video game. The other boxes are just yellow wrapping paper, and I cut the question marks out of construction paper!

The mushrooms were SO easy to make. I purchased a six pack of round mylar balloons online. To assemble, I inflated them with a straw. Then, I cut out white circles on a piece of paper and taped them on top! For the base, I cut and rolled a piece of poster board and taped it with clear tape. They were SO easy and the boys played with them all week long!

Dessert Details

mario brothers birthday party

mario brothers birthday party

I went real fancy with his birthday cake and cupcakes, with a trip to the grocery store and put in a rush order! While I love fancy cakes, but life has been so crazy lately that easy bakery cakes have been our go to lately. Jackson was thrilled with it because there was a picture of Mario jumping on top!mario brothers birthday party
How darling is this cake topper!? I found it on Etsy, and the shop owner was SO sweet and shipped it out to me right away to ensure I had it on time. Again, nothing like waiting until the last minute! The details were absolutely fantastic, and it dressed up the cake so much! 
mario brothers birthday party
I whipped up these cookies earlier in the week, and the boys loved them! I always use this recipe because it requires no chilling. This icing is my go-to always, the glaze dries perfectly and is so good! The black eyes were an easy addition that I piped on with a basic black frosting from the grocery store!
We stuck to chips, potato salad, and sloppy joes for the meal. I have really started to focus on having one dedicated ‘decorated spot’ for parties. Doing this takes so much stress out of planning. For the longest time I always wanted every space looking perfect. That isn’t realistic when you are feeding a bunch of kids! But, trust me when I say that the food was delicious and everyone left full 🙂

Pin The Mustache On The Mario

mario brothers birthday party
This little party game was so fun and easy to do! I just printed this free PDF at Walgreens and cut out mustaches on black posterboard. Jackson got it right on the spot, he may or may not have peeked 😉  Lincoln refused to participate. I am baffled every day by how different my boys are in what they will/will not do! The rest of the kids all gave it a go though, it was so cute to watch!

I am not sure how many more years I have of taking pictures with boy of the boys in our arms. I have been holding Jackson as much as I can lately. Babies don’t keep!

mario brothers birthday party

This picture makes me smile so big. Hands full, hearts fuller. These boys are everything I am so lucky to call them mine!

mario brothers birthday party
mario brothers birthday party 
My sweet boy just wouldn’t smile for any of these fun pictures! In the photo above he was hitting the box to get mushroom power and become bigger 😉 Happy birthday Jackson, we love you to the moon and back!

I always love to go down memory lane of old parties. I you liked this Mario Brothers birthday party go ahead and check out past parties below!

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Red Balloons for Mushrooms