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Roundup Of The Best Faux Leather Moto Jackets

Alright you guys, after searching high and low for the past year, I think I have my recommendations on black faux leather moto jackets narrowed down. Before you think I am a crazy person, No I do not actually own all of these. However, as a ‘tall’ fashion blogger, one of my goals is to provide realistic reviews of products. The hope is that by sharing these with you, it takes the guess work out so you don’t have to order and try a ton of styles to see what fits! Below are some total hits, not so impressive options, and various price points. All details on sizing, fit, and quality are included below. Happy shopping!

Draped Moto Jacket

Alright, this is the first image, but I am going to be brutally honest and say that I was less than impressed with this jacket from the NSale. I wanted to love it, because the style overall is very cute. Which explains why I took photos in it 😉 I intended to keep it, but the longer I wore it, the less I loved it. The fabric is SO thin on this one. I have a hard time considering it a jacket, because the faux leather is about as thick as a t-shirt. The hems of the sleeves are also pretty raw, and I don’t think it would take much to damage this one. The price was decent during the NSale, but I wouldn’t recommend paying full price for this one, unless you intend to wear it as more of a blazer option.

Jacket // Gray Top // Leggings // Shoes // Sunglasses

Collarless Jacket

This was my other purchase from the NSale, and I really did like the quality of it. It is advertised as ‘collarless’, but it does still fold over, there is just nothing along the neckline that does. The fit was good and I loved that the underarms had a sweater material to allow more breathability and flexing. For being the same price range and brand as the jacket above, the quality of this one far surpassed! I would have kept this one, until I realized that the options below (keep reading) came in specific tall options!

Jacket // Top // Jeans

The Runner Up

This isn’t the jacket I ultimately ended up with, but I would 100% suggest this faux leather moto jacket to anyone looking for a faux leather moto jacket. While it is $60 full priced, you can snag it for 40% off all of the time, making it right around $35. It comes in regular, petite, and tall sizing, and is the least cropped option of all of the jackets I am sharing. I really have no complaints about this jacket, especially for the price. And I love that there is an option for ALL sizes!

Jacket // Tee // Leggings

The Winner

Alright, to the winner! I fell in love with this jacket the second I put it on. It is from ASOS Tall collection, but the same style comes in regular as well. In comparing it to the one from Old Navy, they truly are VERY similar. This one is also right around 60% full price, and with coupons/sales can be snagged for right around $50.Right now code LABORDAY20 will get you 20% off! It is slightly more cropped, but fits like a glove and is incredibly flattering. I was able to identify a little bit of a difference in the quality of the faux leather between the two, and ultimately this one just looks and feels a bit more high end. Had I not found this one, I would have stuck with the Old Navy one! I would say between the two, it boils down to price. I thought this one was worth an extra $15, but if you are on a budget, either option is great!

Jacket // Tee // Leggings

Other Options

I realize that there are MUCH more than four faux leather moto jackets out there, but these four are popular styles from popular retailers that I was eager to try. I found a lot of other options that are also affordable (like this one from Target!) and am linking them all below so you can shop all of the options! If you have any questions or need further recommendations, please let me know and I am happy to answer!