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Father’s Day Gift Ideas (that ship Prime!)

In true ‘mom’ fashion, I am scouring the internet with less than a week until father’s day in search of the perfect gift. We have never been huge gift givers in this house. We usually just buy what we want and then tell the other about it as a warning before looking at the credit card bill 😉 BUT, as our boys get older, they are truly beginning to understand Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and it is so special to receive from them, and also help them give to make others feel special. While I am over here racking my brain for some sweet things the boys can do for Mike next weekend, I also rounded up some good Father’s Day gift ideas that ship fast. Some of these are even shipping with one day delivery!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas (that ship Prime!)

prime gifts for men at various price points

Black Tee // Charging Station // Neck Massager // Best Dad Ever Mug // Yeti Mug // Smoker-Grill // Pasta Maker // Wireless Earphones // Grillmaster Set

Best Dad Ever Tee

I don’t really think this one needs an explanation. Men wear t-shirts, and most guys have no problem letting people know they are a great dad 😉 This one comes in TONS of colors and sizes, and will work for just about anyone.
black tee shirt fathers day gift best dad ever


Grillmaster Set

If your husband is anything like mine, then there is nothing better than playing with the grill or smoker on a summer day. Mike and my brother in law are CONSTANTLY coming up with new recipes, and this kit has all the tools to help prep for the summer barbeque.

utensil kit for grilling or outdoor cooking

Grill Kit

Grill/smoker Combo

If you are looking for more of a splurge, I have been seeing these grill/smoker combos all over. This one is a great price point, and I love that you can do so many things with it. Any man who loves grilling or smoking will LOVE this one!

grill and smoker combo

Grill/Smoker Combo

Neck Massager

This, my friends, is the gift that you buy for your husband so that you can steal it for yourself 😉 I love how it wraps around the shoulders so you aren’t constantly repositioning to keep it in place. I also wouldn’t judge anyone who just decides to treat yo-self 😉

wrap portable neck massager

Neck massager

Wireless Headphones

These sleek headphones are noise cancelling, are voice activated to control Alexa, and come in multiple color options. They have 20 hours of battery life, and also have 11 levels of noise cancelling-so you can block out all noise, or let in some ambient noise!

black sleek wireless headphones fathers day gift mens headphones

Wireless Headphones

Yeti Mug

Friends, everyone needs a Yeti mug. i like this handle option best, so perfect for weekends at the lake or keeping his coffee hot all morning at the office. You can snag it in lots of other color options, too.

black yeti coffee mug with handle best coffee mug

Coffee Mug

Pasta Maker

Alright, I am starting to realize that if your man doesn’t like to cook, this list might be boring for you 😉 But I absolutely love this pasta maker. We are always talking about how we want to do homemade noodles, but they are kind of tricky. This machine gets your noodles to the perfect thickness and evenness, and there are a ton of attachments available to make any type of pasta you could imagine.

Stainless steel pasta maker

Pasta Maker

Charging Station

How great is this little station to hold all of his things? I always get frustrated by how things seem to be left everywhere, but then I remember-men typically don’t carry purses. This is such a sleek little spot to hold all of their items in an organized way that looks good, too!

wooden phone charging accessory station for men

Charging Station

Best Dad Ever Mug

Alright, one more best dad ever item, because why not!? You can never have too many coffee mugs, and this is a perfect one for him to keep at his desk.

best dad ever mug

Best Dad Ever Mug

Do you go big for Father’s Day, or do you keep it simple? I am all about treating dad to a splurge item, but I also know that little handwritten cards or artwork from the kiddos is what matters most. Regardless of your budget, the best part about Father’s Day is making the most important man in your (and your kiddos) life feel loved!

Remember, my Father’s Day gift ideas all ship prime, so any orders placed today or tomorrow should for sure be here in time for Sunday! For any of my past gift guides, you can head here!