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Friday Favorites: HUGE Beautycounter Sale!

Happy happy Friday everyone! We are so excited for this weekend, because we are headed back to the lake. I have always dreaded hot weather during the summer, as in anything over 80, don’t judge my Minnesotan self. However, now that we have a lake to go too, I have started getting excited when I see hot days on the calendar. There is just nothing better than hopping in the water when it is hot outside! But before we head to the lake, I had to stop by and share some of my favorites this week!

Beautycounter Sitewide Sale

You guys, this is truly a sale that has NEVER been done before. Beautycounter is not a company that is huge on promotions, so when they are offered, it is something to take advantage of. And now through August 13th, the entire website is 20% off with code LOVE(with just a few exclusions). And if you join as a Band of Beauty Member, you can actually stack the 20% off on top of your 15% product credit, which equals 35% savings! That is HUGE! If you have been curious about Beautycounter and debating trying out a few products, these are prices and deals you won’t see again anytime soon, so now is the time to take the plunge! There is NO RISK with Beautycounter; they have a no questions asked 60 day return policy. They even send a ready to go return label with your package that is prepaid, so there really is NO risk! Here are a few of my must have items:

Lily Jade Weekender Review

I have been talking about this bag for WEEKS, but I finally got around to writing a full review of it earlier this week! This bag is truly one of my favorites ever, it is so big, and you can bet it is back in action this weekend as we head to the lake!

Jackson’s Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

I had so much fun throwing together Jackson’s Ninja Turtle birthday party last week. We kept it super simple with food by honoring the ninja turtle’s favorite dinner of pizza delivery. I just love the age of four-my sweet boy gets SO excited over the smallest things, and thanked me about a hundred times for ‘letting him have a birthday’. Bless his precious heart, I love him so much! You can head here to read the full party recap!

The Best Dress

I posted to my Instagram this week my favorite dress, and I got so many comments from people that love or already own this dress! It comes in plenty of colors, and is flattering on everyone. I have really been working on continuing to minimize my closet and only buy items I know I will wear often and get lots of use out of. This dress is one of those items, hands down. It comes in a tank version as well as long sleeved, so it works pretty much year round!

Similar Jean Jacket // Dress // Shoes

Halloween Pajamas!

I know, I just talked about minimizing my closet; but I cannot and will not ever stop buying my boys festive pajamas. Some of my favorite things I have ever dressed them in are holiday pajamas, and as my sweet Jackson reaches the end of the toddler sizes, you better believe I am soaking up every last bit of putting him and Lincoln in matching jams. Naturally, I grabbed them these pajamas and this adorable option the second I saw them hit the shelves. I feel like Halloween ends up being a pretty ‘short’ season. We hold onto every last bit of summer, and then we spend September doing all of the FOOTBALL things in our home. Mike actually makes me decorate the mantel in Minnesota Vikings colors until October 1st, haha! So, we are already rocking our Halloween PJs and will continue to do so until November 1st. At that point it is ON with Christmas jammies 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, can you believe we are already halfway through August!? I am still emotionally scarred from the neverending winter of 2018, so I am soaking up every last warm, snow free day that the weather man hands us!

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Friday Favorites: Linco de Mayo

Ya see what I did in that title? 😉 If you didn’t know, my baby boy was born on Cinco de Mayo. My husband was so disappointed in my party planning skills this year. HOW did I not name the party for our dear sweet Lincoln ‘Linco de Mayo’. I about died laughing! Luckily the boy has a lifetime of Cinco de Mayo birthdays ahead of him. Still, despite his party theme having NOTHING to do with the celebration, we did jump on the opportunity to serve tacos (and probably margs) at his family party. We will be prepping today and tomorrow, but before we dive into the throes of party planning, I wanted to share some favorites!

The many faces of Lincoln

In honor of the birthday boy, I thought it was fitting that I share some of his faces. He makes SO many funny faces. Charisma is not something that our boy is lacking, that is for sure. His personality grows more and more by the minute. I am fairly certain we are going to have our hands full with him, but I am also confident he is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

2. 1-800 Flowers

I was so excited this weekend when I received a bouquet of flowers delivered directly to our front door! You guys, I do not think I have ever seen a bouquet of that many roses. I tried to count them, and I think this was three dozen! The boys had so MUCH fun seeing them, and Jackson asked right away if he could have one to bring to Kristi (our daycare provider). It was SO sweet, and with so many roses, I happily obliged in letting each boy bring a flower to her. Raise them kind, and raise them to be gentlemen, right?!

3. Another Giveaway with Lily Jade

Did you catch my post last week sharing my new lifestyle bag from Lily Jade? I have a giveaway going over on my Instagram with them that lasts for a few more days, but we also teamed up to offer a smaller giveaway to one of my readers for a $375 store credit! Entering is SUPER easy, head over and be sure to enter!

4. Great American Eagle Finds

Do any of you feel like you go through stages with the stores you like? Lately, I have been LOVING everything at American Eagle. I just love their denim and shorts, but they have a lot of other great items, too. I snagged this pair of jeans and this pair of black denim this week, and I LOVE how they fit. The black pair does run a bit slimmer than other denim from AE, so if you are between sizes I would. What is is about destroyed knees that is so great? I also have last year’s style of these lounge shorts, and plan to get these as well. They are SO soft and perfect for those hot summer days when you want to be comfortable and cool. And I am not sure what it is, but I cannot get enough of basics, and these henley tanks are so perfect for throwing on over a swimsuit or pretty bralette.

5. Pretty White Tank Top

Earlier this week, I shared a fun new tank top from Pink Blush. I have been a long time fan of their clothing, it always fits so well and is made of such good quality. I have become a bigger fan of neutrals and basics since becoming a mom, but I love the little pom and lace details that spice up this top! You can read the full post here for all of the details!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Be sure to head back next week, I will have party details from Lincoln’s birthday, and a fun giveaway for any of you who have ANY sort of partying coming up!

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Friday Favorites: Spring Is Finally Here!

To all of you who have been following along and listening to me complain about the weather, bless you. My complaining is finally coming to an end, because we had our first 50 degree day yesterday! And it is only uphill this weekend. We are even looking at some 60 degree weather on Sunday and for sure next week. It is just amazing how much our spirits have been lifted with change in the weather. As I type this, I am looking out our patio door (unfortunately still at some snow, because #winterstormxanto) and there are SO MANY BIRDS. The late snow storms actually did some damage to the flocks that had migrated back, so it makes me so happy to see them all bouncing around in our yard. I anticipate being outside as much as possible all weekend, but before that, here are this week’s favorites!

Flirty Floral Top

If you receive Old Navy e-mails, chances are you have seen this top in a lot of them. I checked the website numerous times but never saw it, so I assumed it had sold out quickly. But I found it in my store this week, and snagged it instantly. But wait, it gets better. Last night I checked and it is available online! And it comes in tall and petite, too! So I am actually going to return the one I bought and already ordered a tall one online. You guys, it is as good as it looks. It stays in place off the shoulder and is just perfect for spring and summer. And it is an extra 30% off today too! While you are on the site, I snagged these little sneakers for Lincoln. How adorable is that baby blue color!?

Lavender Latte

This post was so popular this week! I always love finding fun new recipes, and am loving my Ninja Coffee Bar. If any of you give it a try, please let me know your thoughts! Lavender in coffee is definitely a unique flavor, but I love finding ways to bring those trendy coffee shop items home.

Utility Jacket Roundup

Did you catch my post yesterday rounding up my five utility jacket styles to try? I had so much fun creating this post; there are SO many unique ways to wear a utility jacket. Of course, I want them all, and my husband has questioned why I have so many jackets as it is 😉

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I have been wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for our home, but to be honest, I have a hard time justifying anything with a big price tag for our home right now. I have two toddler boys, who love to climb on and knock over just about everything. By my friend Katie mentioned this tree in her Instagram Stories, and I had to scoop it up. It is under $40, and it is a nice medium height too. I plan to put it next to the accent chair in our living room, and have my fingers crossed the boys will leave it alone. The price is seriously the best I have seen, so scoop one up while you can!

A Little Humor

Despite having two boys, I have been amazed every single day by how different they are. They look different, behave differently, like different foods, they are just different. And one thing that is all Lincoln is the sass and attitude. His favorite word is NO and he makes the most ridiculous faces you have ever seen. This photo may just be my all time favorite of him. Trust me when I say that this face is Lincoln to a T! Don’t you want to just put him on time out but also kiss those cheeks repeatedly all at the same time!? 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I have some fun posts in the works over the next week or two, so be sure to check back!

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Friday Favorites: Woven Pillows and Tall One Pieces Swimsuits

Hey you guys! Coming to you from snow covered, freezing cold Minnesota once again 😉 So, I have been doing what any Midwesterner in denial does when winter won’t get lost, and that is shopping for all of the spring and summer things! I mean, tall one piece swimsuits are what dreams are made of when it is still getting down to zero degrees at night, and it’s April 😉  I stumbled across some amazing items this week, so keep reading to check them out!

1. Woven Pillows

I was in Target this week and stumbled across their new pillows, and they are perfection. I have seen very similar styles at more high end retailers for literally triple the price. I am a huge fan of the woven and macrame trends, so these are perfect. They come in a few colors, and of course I am dying over the pink! It comes in a long lumbar style too, I may have to grab one for the bedroom.

2. Eucalyptus Wreaths

I haven’t gotten TOO much into the farmhouse decor trend. I really like it, but it doesn’t always fit the style of our home as well as I would like. The one thing from this trend I just LOVE deep greens in the house, and I think this one would look perfect in our entry way. However, I am also really loving the simplicity of this one, and the oversized leaves of this one. Tell me, which one do you most prefer!?

3. Tall Swimsuits

If you have been around here for any time at all, you likely have an idea that I am pretty tall. Which makes shopping for certain items a little challenging. With the new trend of one piece swimsuits, I have honestly been kind of bummed because trust me, if there is anything worse than being over exposed in a bikini, it is wearing a one piece that isn’t long enough! I almost cried tears of joy when I saw this option at Target. And I quickly discovered American Eagle has a whole selection of long swimsuit options. And HELLO to this sexy yellow one piece! I never thought I would be this excited about one piece swimsuits, but the trend came at the perfect time in life for me. I just can’t wait to swim with my boys this summer (we are hoping to put up a seasonal pool!) and not worry about being over exposed.

4. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Obviously part of getting ready for swimsuit season is working on that winter body. And a long winter has meant more nights of cuddling on the couch eating chocolate than I care to admit. I have really been dedicated to cleaning up what I am eating lately, and loved these roasted sweet potatoes that I shared the recipe for earlier this week.

5. My Fitness Pal App

While we are on the subject of healthy eating, I started tracking my food intake this week in the My Fitness Pal app. And I am literally kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I have heard more than once that tracking your food intake can really be an eye opener, and maybe that is why I have avoided doing it. But oh my gosh, it has given me so much insight in just a few days to my eating habits. I learned very quickly that I am consuming nearly all of my excess calories in the evenings. There really is not much that I could do to clean up my daytime routine (aside from maybe treating myself to Chick Fil A for lunch a little bit less). It has been so helpful to be able to pinpoint where in the day I need to be more aware of what I am taking in. And while it seems silly, I resisted having a second cookie the other night because I knew how many calories were in the first one. Having that second calorie would put me over my ‘goal’ for the day, and that was enough to give me the will power to say no. If you are looking for a way to just be more aware of your diet and where your opportunities to improve are, this app is easy to use, so helpful, and best of all, FREE!

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Friday Favorites: Welcome Spring [And Everyday Pieces]

Happy Friday, friends! Who else welcomed the first day of spring this week with more snow? I heard they are expecting another bit storm out east. Since we are just getting enough snow to make me annoyed, I will stop complaining because a dusting is better than a blizzard 😉 I have to say, I have been on quite the shopping kick lately. I am just so excited to start wearing all of the spring things! So today I am rounding up my new favorite everyday pieces! If you are looking for basics, neutrals, and basically #oldnavy, keep on reading!

1. The bralette heard round the world

Well, after what feels like a lifetime of lusting over this bralette, I finally bit the bullet and invested in one. And you guys, it was worth every. single. penny. I always struggle so much with finding bras that work under shirts, and this bralette is just so pretty and I love that it is designed to be shown off! Now I need to practice some self control and not buy all of the other colors. They just started carrying them at Nordstrom, so I highly recommend trying it out. With free shipping and returns, if you have wondered if these are worth it, you have nothing to lose.

Bralette // Sweater

Bralette // Sweater (old)

2. The softest tank tops

I shared these on my Instagram stories last week, and they were a hit! I have a number of the luxe tanks from Old Navy, and really do like them. However, they wrinkle very easily, and ironing is something I avoid at all costs. These tanks are cut the same as my classic favorites but are soft, almost like a thin sweater. And seriously NO WRINKLING. I got them in gray and green, and am debating snagging the other two colors. I also just noticed they have a t-shirt option in the same fabric, so I will be adding those to my cart, too!

Tank top // Jeans (similar, similar) // Similar Booties

3. Easy and versatile utility jackets

I shared this adorable camofaluge utility jacket last week, and you guys, I am so hooked! I have never been a camo fan. Perhaps it is because I grew up in a family of hunters and wanted nothing to do with anything hunting related? But lately I have just been loving the camoflauge trend. Even at full price, these jackets are an incredible deal, and come in so many pretty colors! I am also loving the army green and blush colors.

Jacket // Dress // Similar Booties

4. My new favorite sweater

I saw this sweater over on my friend Taylor recently, and had to have it! I love the front seam, and I am not exaggerating when I say it comes in EVERY color. I am a basics gal, so I got it in gray and white, and I have already worn both. It is incredible soft, and lightweight enough that it would be perfect to wear with shorts or capris during spring.

Sweater // White Jeans // Sunnies

Sweater // Jeans // Similar Booties // Sunnies

5. The perfect white camisole

I have been on the hunt for a lined cami that will work to wear to work under cardigans and blazers. I did try out this one, but unfortunately I am just too tall and it didn’t work with my long torso. For anyone of more average height, I would say they are great, though! But I found this one at Banana Republic, and it is PERFECT. It is a great length, and lined so that you cannot see through it. This is one of those classic everyday pieces that I will live in for work all spring and summer!

Camisole // Black Jeans

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Friday Favorites: St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Friday, friends! Did you all survive the week okay with the time change? We did…barely. Bedtime has been a struggle this week, to say the least. As I type this it is way too early and I have a toddler screaming for bacon cheddar seasoning for his goldfish crackers, if that tells you anything. I am super excited for the weekend, even though we don’t have any big plans. We are 0% Irish, so the extent of our celebrations will likely be Mike and I enjoying a kids free dinner, but I’ll take it 😉 Some Friday favorites to kick off the week are below, so keep on reading!

New Sunglasses

If you have never heard of DIFF sunglasses, you are missing out. I have honestly always been a ‘cheap’ sunglasses girl. But the second I put on my first pair of DIFF sunnies, I knew what they hype was about. They have polarized lenses, and are seriously the most amazing quality. They just feel like they are well made. The pair pictured are the Becky frames in black; but the gold flash color is seriously SO pretty as well. I can say these are 100% worth the price. And all of next week DIFF has an AMAZING sale that will be happening, so if you have thought about snagging a pair, it is the perfect time to do so. And last but not least, I may or may not be hosting a giveaway with DIFF over on my Instagram on Monday, so be sure to head over to enter! 😉

Sunglasses c/o // Jacket (old, similar here, here) // Tunic

Baby Shower

A definite Friday Favorite this week was my party post! I was SO excited to share all of the details from the Spring Chick Baby Shower I threw for my sister-in-law a few weeks ago. I think the cake setup was possibly my favorite thing ever. Those fuzzy little chicks made it just perfect! Whenever I host a shower, I love to try and buy decor that could be reused. So I got personalized wall signs and made a fabric banner and I am just thrilled that these items can be used in baby girl’s nursery. It is so much fun to see the items live on once the party has ended!

Dress Guide

One of my absolute favorite things about spring is all of the pretty new dresses that hit the racks. I rounded up my five favorite styles, and have tons of adorable (and affordable!) options that I shared. Be sure to check it out if you are looking for an Easter dress, or something pretty for an upcoming wedding!

Banana Boat Chicken

I don’t have any photos, because in all honesty this meal can get messy to make and is kind of time consuming. By the time we served it up earlier this week, I had some hangry kiddos and snapping photos just wasn’t a priority 😉 But years ago, we went to a restaurant in Minneapolis that has a menu item called banana boat chicken, and I found a recipe online that looks like it was actually shared by the chef! It is absolutely delicious, like every time I have made it and take that first bite I can’t get over just how good it actually is. The cream sauce is what makes the entire dish. We serve it over rice with a side of sauteed peppers. If you are feeling adventurous and want the best chicken ever, this is it.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Like I said, we aren’t Irish, and as our boys get older, I am sure we will get into fun holidays a bit more. But for now they don’t really understand. However, I would love to have a fun craft or two for us to do on Saturday. I am thinking they would LOVE this slime, and we already have Oreos in our house, so these cute dipped cookies would be super easy to pull together. And I love that this rainbow craft involves no paint or messy items, and I am positive Jackson would be in LOVE with the idea! Do any of you have fun and easy craft ideas for St. Patrick’s Day?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Is it feeling like spring where you are yet!? We are still covered in snow and it is pretty cold, but at this point in the year temps in the forties and a little bit of sunshine are enough to help us start getting over our cabin fever. We may even brave the park and an iced coffee with these toasty temps 😉

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