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My Summer Skincare Routine

Did you all know that it gets hot here in Minnesota? I have had some people express genuine surprise when I post pictures of our beautiful, green summers here. I think there may or may not be a stigma that we all walk around in snow in heavy parkas year round 😉 The truth is, the weather in Minnesota gives us the extremes-as cold as -40 F in the winter, and up to 100 F in the summer. With that being said-it is nearly impossible to not make tweaks to your skincare routine with the changing climate. The weather changes are just too extreme to expect that what you do in the dead of winter will work in the humidity of summer! I decided to share with you all what products I have been using lately, and the swaps I made to my ‘winter routine’. 

My Summer Skincare Routine

I have been using Tula skincare products for the past year. After having my boys, my hormones have been so out of whack. I have struggled with more breakouts and blemishes in the past few years than I ever did as a teen! Using good and clean products is important to me, and after trying out multiple lines, I just wasn’t seeing much improvement. It was incredibly disheartening to feel like nothing was going to clear up my skin. So, with nothing to lose, I figured why not try out Tula. It took a few weeks, but I can truly say my skin has not looked this good in YEARS and I finally feel like I have my breakouts under control. Now that the humidity has kicked in, I have upped my routine with some stronger products to keep my breakouts at bay.

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Pajamas // Slippers

The purifying cleanser is one I continue to use in the summer, and through the winter months as well. However, when the humidity really strikes in the summer, it sometimes isn’t quite strong enough to totally keep my breakouts under control. So, instead of using it morning and night, I now only use it at night.

Purifying Every Day Cleanser

In the mornings, I use the keep it clear acne foam cleanser. This foam is powerful, so I recommend using it until your breakouts are under control. Using it twice daily long term may cause you to dry out, depending on your skin type! For me personally, using this just once a day (and upping it to 2x during breakouts) in collaboration with the purifying cleanser has been a great balance.

Acne Foam Cleanser

The other major switch I have made is swapping out my moisturizer. Keeping your skin hydrated is so important, but I find my normal 24/7 moisturizer a bit too heavy this time of year. I love that this moisturizer is oil free, feels light on my skin, and doesn’t clog my pores. 

Oil Free Moisturizer

The last swap I have made is from my normal pH glycolic resurfacing gel to the clear it up acne treatmentI haven’t experienced any drying from this product at all, and it is wonderful at keeping breakouts under control! This can also be used in collaboration with the resurfacing gel, for example one in the morning and one at night!

Acne Treatment Gel

This isn’t a product that I exclusively use during the summer, but I do tend to need a good spot treatment more often than in the winter when my skin is dry. I am usually pretty skeptical of spot treatments. I am also a believer that some breakouts just need time to ripen (ew, I know), and no product will bring a blemish to a head faster than it is ready to. However, I have found that this spot treatment is amazing in drying out blemishes once they are ready, and the healing is much faster when I apply this spot treatment. It does not feel harsh or drying on the surrounding skin at all, which I love!

Spot Treatment

To wrap up my routine, I have broken out my summer products and when I use them below:

  1. Acne cleanser in the morning
  2. Acne spot treatment applied after cleanser
  3. Oil free gel cream after treatment
  4. Blemish stick as needed
  5. I use my glow and get it eye balm and blurring primer every day when I wear makeup!
  6. Purifying cleanser in the evening
  7. pH gel after cleanser (swap for acne treatment during breakouts)
  8. Oil free gel cream
  9. Revitalizing eye cream

Spot Treatment // Acne Treatment Gel // Oil Free Moisturizer // Acne Cleanser // Purifying Cleanser

Below are ALL of the products from Tula that I use throughout the year (not including my makeup products). You can also use the widget below to shop some of my top recommended products that may not be pictured. Remember, code Mackensey will take 15% off of your entire order at Tula!

Spot Treatment // Acne Treatment // Oil Free Moisturizer // Acne Cleanser // Purifying Cleanser // Resurfacing Gel // Sugar Scrub // 24/7 Moisturizer

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If you are curious about any of these products or want more information, you can always leave a comment or shoot me a message over on Instagram. I feel like skincare is fluid and something I am constantly tweaking to adjust to my needs. And that is what we all should be doing! Just like our weight may fluctuate, or skin needs can change based on where we are at in life. Stress, hormones, pregnancy, diet, and so many other things can affect our skin, and it is silly to think that there is a one size fits all solution. Find what works best for you, and if it stops working, change it up! It took me four different product lines to finally land on the solution that works for me, and in another year I may need to make some changes again. But for now, this is the routine that is giving me great results 🙂

Fighting Adult Acne: Five On Friday!

Hello friends! Can you believe it is already Friday? I feel like this week flew by. We are aiming for one final weekend at the lake before summer officially comes to an end. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates! Usually I round up five different things in my Friday posts, but this week Beautycounter launched their Countercontrol line! Since it contains five products, I thought it lined up perfectly to share each item this week! For those of you that have followed Beautycounter, you may know that acne prone skin is the one that has had the fewest options. There have been individual products that are good at combating breakouts, but no committed line. This was frustrating for some, especially those fighting adult acne. All of that changed yesterday with the launch of Countercontrol!

fighting adult acne

As a teen, I really always had great skin. I never had to worry much about breakouts, which I was always thankful for. Once pregnancy and nursing happened, my skin took a turn. At the age of (almost) 29, my skin is truly the worst it has been. My skin is more oily and prone to clogged pores than ever before. Fighting adult acne has been a big stressor for me. So, I did the happiest dance ever when this line finally launched! It is the lowest price point of all of the Beautycounter lines, making it perfect for teens, men, and anyone who suffers from breakouts or oily skin! Keep reading to see the five products in the regimen.

Clear Pore Cleanser

The cleanser is the first product in the regimen, which is used to wash your face every day. The main acne fighting products in this (and the rest of this line) natural salicylic acid from wintergreen and rosebay willow. The salicylic acid helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and also restores balance to bacteria on the face. The rosebay willow will help to reduce irritation and decrease sebum protection. The cleanser also has jojoba beads, which help to slough away dead skin while still being nourishing and gentle on skin! fighting adult acne

Instant Matte Toner

Toners are often overlooked, but are such an important part of any skincare routine. The instant matte toner helps to get rid of any dirt or impurities left over after cleansing. It also helps to control oil and minimize the appearance of pores! I think so many people skin this step in their routine, but it really is so important. You will be amazed at the difference a toner makes in your skin health!

fighting adult acne

All Over Acne Treatment

The all over acne treatment is used on the entire face! It is applied after the toner, and is amazing for helping to eliminate oiliness and blemishes. It also helps to prevent future breakouts from forming. This is a great product for people who have consistent oiliness and breakouts throughout their face.

fighting adult acne

SOS Acne Spot Treatment

This is the product that everyone needs in their arsenal, whether or not they have acne prone skin. The reality is that everyone has had a breakout at some point in time, and this spot treatment is perfect for treating on the affected area. If there is one product from this line that I would tell absolutely everyone to snag, this is it.

fighting adult acne

Matte Effect Gel Cream

I seriously LOVE this gel cream. As someone who is prone to more oily skin, I know firsthand how counter intuitive it can feel to put moisturizer on. Here I am trying to reduce oiliness, why would I add moisture, right!? I think most of us know it is an important step, but for me it has always gotten inside my head. This gel cream still provides moisture, and helps to soothe and heal. But because it is a gel consistency, it is oil free and helps to maintain healthy moisture levels. And, it has actually been clinically proven to manage oiliness, for up to eight hours. I think this product is the perfect compromise for those individuals who want balanced skin, but have that constant fear of ‘over-moisturizing’.

fighting adult acne

If you have any questions on these new products, please feel free to send them my way. I know that skin care can be difficult to figure out, so you can also take a quick skin assessment for my recommendations based on your skin type. You may not be fighting adult acne, but whatever your skin care needs are, I am happy to help you figure out the best option. And if you are nervous about investing in these products, Beautycounter has the BEST return policy. All orders come with a prepaid return label and are accepted for 60 days, no questions asked. So there is literally NO risk to giving them a try!

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope you are all soaking up these final days of summer!

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