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Friday Favorites: Where Are You Spring!?

Happy Friday friends! Can you all believe that it is already Easter this weekend? And not only that, but it is APRIL in a few days! It really doesn’t feel like it, but I blame the weather. Are you all sick of hearing me complain about the weather yet? 😉 If you are, it’s okay. I am sick of me complaining about the weather too. I just need some sunshine on my skin, and SOON! On a positive note, we are looking forward to lots of family time this weekend to celebrate Easter! So before we enjoy our balmy 23 degree weather today, let’s hop into this week’s favorites!

1. FitVine Wine

Raise your hand if wine is your jam? If we were sitting in a room full of toddler moms, I imagine every single hand would have just immediately shot into the air. I LOVE a glass of wine once my kids have gone to bed. I am also trying to be healthy, and go figure, wine has lots of calories. So when an old friend mentioned FitVine Wine to me, I was all over it. An average glass of their wine has 90-95 calories (versus about 120-150 in normal wines). They also have less sugar, less sulfites, and no additives. I will sing the praises of these wines from the mountain tops, because while I am on a mission to lose a few pounds and get in better shape, I am IN LOVE with finding a wine that will still work with my lifestyle!

2. Diffuser Sale!

If you haven’t been following along with me long, you may not know that essential oils are a regular thing in our house. We use them for cleaning, for health and wellness, and for relaxation. And through midnight on March 31st, you can snag a Dewdrop Diffuser PLUS two free oils for 15% off! This is a fabulous deal, and offers like this don’t happen often. If you have thought about trying out oils, this is a perfect way to grab a diffuser with a few oils without having to invest in a starter kit. I am also offering $25 back to anyone who enrolls with a kit by the end of the month. So, if you purchase a premium starter kit, and add a second diffuser (because I promise, your kids will fight over who gets it in their room at night), you are able to snag the second diffuser for less than $30! You can enroll here, or shoot me an e-mail/comment with any questions!

3. Buy One Get One 50% Off at Target

Target is running a whole bunch of BOGO 50% off sales through Saturday! I have been majorly slacking in my shoe game, and knew I could use a few new options for work, so I snagged these booties and these flat loafers. I am so excited to have a pair of white shoes! The color and velvet detail on these is just DARLING, and I am an absolute sucker for anything sparkly, so these sandals are a MUST for summer.

4. Toddler Rain Gear

We didn’t get any rain this week, but we did have a day that got up to 49 degrees (all of the praise hands!) and it was sunny and just gorgeous. We were able to take the boys out for a walk, and we let them wear their rain jackets and boots instead of winter gear and they were in heaven. I figured I would share their coats and boots because we have been SO happy with them. The quality is wonderful and just so cute. I literally cannot handle the sight of Lincoln when he walks in his little rain boots and yellow jacket. How do toddlers make everything look SO cute!?

5. Blush Blazers

I am pretty sure that me, and every other woman, is obsessed with the blush trend. Blush shoes, blush jackets, blush jeans, we want it all! And one of the areas where my work wardrobe is seriously lacking is blazers. I just have never thought to buy them aside from when I have had interviews. But I have already worn this new blush blazer numerous times since getting it, and I am so obsessed. It is great quality and only $36! This option is a bit more expensive, but I love the boxy boyfriend cut. And of course, if you are in the market, you can never go wrong with a classic black blazer.


I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend! We are slow to the game but I am sure we will try to cram in dying some eggs tomorrow, and I may even attempt some fun Easter chex mix for the boys (and obviously me) to snack on. I cannot wait to stick them in their Easter outfits on Sunday! Does anyone else find the most obnoxious colors and outfits possible when it comes to dressing your little ones for holidays? 😉

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Friday Favorites

Well, we had three whole days with temperatures in the 30’s, but don’t worry, we are back to sub-zero temperatures just in time for the weekend. Can you sense my sarcasm? Okay, good, because it is definitely there. Like I have mentioned recently, these coming weeks are my least favorite of the year. But on the plus side, it is still light outside when we get home in the evenings! Baby steps, but spring time, I’m coming for you! Even in the dreary depths of winter, I always have a few things I stumble upon throughout the week that I love to share with you all!
1. Play Kitchen
This was a Christmas gift for the boys, and I am so glad that I argued it be their main gift. Jackson had been making Christmas cookies with his play-doh for the longest time, and would actually put them on a little plate and stick them beneath his play table to ‘bake them’ for me. He was so creative without even having the kitchen and I just knew it would be a hit with the boys. Sure enough, they play with it SO much. Jackson puts all of his play tomatoes in a bowl to make me tomato soup, and Lincoln is so serious, and will add a bunch of items to a pot, move them to the microwave, and then move them back to the stove where he stirs them with a spoon and taste tests. Kill me now, it is so darn cute. While I love the look of wooden kitchens, we did opt to go with a plastic play set, but it comes with sound effects like boiling water on the stove top and buttons on the microwave. The boys just love it-I cannot say enough good things about it!
2. Cozy thermals
These are the most basic little shirts, but for whatever reason I think they are the cutest and have bought them for Lincoln in almost every color. They were sold out earlier this week, but it looks like they were just restocked in all sizes! If you have little guys, they are perfect for layering or alone, and hold their shape very well!
3. Lavender for Lashes
Since I started using essential oils, one of the tricks I have learned is to put a few drops of lavender oil in your mascara bottle. Not only does it help keep your mascara fresh longer, but it may help with thickness. I don’t have any before and after photos just yet, but I plan on sharing too because I have definitely seen a difference in thickness in the short time since doing this trick!
4. Snow Fun
Since we definitely won’t be getting to enjoy outside play this weekend, I have been looking at all the photos of my sweet boys playing in the snow last weekend. It is such a tease when we have snow but it is too cold to get out and enjoy it, so when we have those rare winter days where there is snow on the ground, sun in the sky, and temps above freezing, we absolutely take advantage and soak it up! I just love seeing how much my boys love playing outside!
5. All Things Blush
This is hardly anything new, but I am so in love with all of the pink that I am seeing in stores now that Valentine’s Day is approaching and spring will follow after that. I picked up a bunch of pink hued florals for our mantle that I cannot wait to share. Target has a whole bunch of blush colored home décor out right now, too. These baskets come in multiple colors, but the pink is so pretty! I am all about throw blankets, and am wondering if I could grab this one and sneakily start incorporating pink into our master bedroom. The knit design on this pillow is so much fun, and I am dying to add this pink vase to our décor. Now if someone would share tips to putting pink all over your house without your husband noticing or caring, please share! 😉

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Saying Yes To Essential Oils

Well, I figured it was time I shared over here on the blog one of the big changes we have made in our household over the past six months. While we were never complete strangers to essential oils, we also never dove into them with much seriousness. I love diffusing some of my favorite scents, and my husband loved to have his deep relief roll-on to help with sore and achy muscles, but we didn’t do much beyond that. And then a few months back, we decided we wanted to make a change. We wanted better for our boys. We wanted to feel GOOD about the products we were washing our hands with and soaking our dishes in. There are literally hundreds of toxins in our homes, in those products that we buy at the store, because I have always assumed if it is safe to be on the shelves of my favorite store, then it can’t be bad for me. But Mike and I decided that we were taking more control over what we put into our home, and our true switch to using essential oils began.
While our home is by no means 100% free of chemicals and toxins, we have made some very easy, yet impactful, changes already. We ditched our dryer sheets (go and search what is in them-yikes!) for wool dryer balls that we add drops of lavender or purification oil to. We use Thieves handsoap and dish soap. It is so empowering to wash our dishes with something that is safe for ingestion and doesn’t require a call to poison control if it gets into little hands. When we have a headache, instead of reaching for a bottle of pills we use peppermint oil. I started drinking Ningxia Red every day and have truly been blown away by how in such a short amount of time I have seen cravings (I’m talking about you, sugar) regulate and become so much easier to manage. I could go on and on, but truly, I can’t imagine us going back after making these changes. I have never felt more empowered over the health of myself and the ones that I love most than I do now!
I will also be the first to admit that direct sales is not my thing. I have truly always scoffed at businesses built that way, but for me, essential oils are different. Because they work. I continue to have experiences with oils working in powerful ways that make me a total believer in the idea of using them in lieu of chemicals and other typical over-the-counter options.
For anyone who has thought about incorporating oils into your life, I cannot say DO IT enough. I have not met a single person who has started using oils that hasn’t found at least one oil that impacted them in some way. It can be overwhelming to start (Young Living has over 100 different types of oils, and countless other products!), so I always tell people the best way to really get to know oils and start learning is to invest in a Premium Starter Kit. This requires you to enroll as a member, but carries no obligation to sell. You can purchase the kit once and receive the discounted rate, and in doing so you will also receive a lifetime discount of 24% off nearly all future purchases. I always tell people that if you plan on purchasing more than once in your lifetime, it is just silly to not enroll as a member! With this you receive 11 oils, which are some of the most popular and can be used on a daily basis, as well as a diffuser of your choice, and multiple samples. I also will treat anyone on my team to a Fearless book, which walks you through the starter kit and in two hours will have you knowing how to use the little box of magic that is in front of you! You will also receive access to my Facebook group, and will be invited to our larger online community where I have received so much assistance and support!
To Get Started:
1. Enroll HERE (the number 13157137 should automatically appear in the SPONSOR and ENROLLER locations.
2. Choose your Starter Kit (they begin at $160 with a retail value of over $300), I suggest the Dew Drop, and if you are considering in the investment, I am absolutely in love and could not recommend the Aria diffuser more).
3. It is not required, but enrolling in Essential Rewards is easy and it is FREE, and with every monthly purchase you make, you will receive cash back for future use, as well as free promotional items with your purchases. Eventually, Essential Rewards members earn up to 25% back on their orders (which is on top of your 24% member discount).
4. Place your order!
If you have ever thought about oils or simply have questions, I am happy to help and assist!
As a distributer of Young Living essential oils any recommendations I make are specific to this company and should not be considered applicable to other oil products. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and information shared on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please do not stop.





Friday Favorites-First of January

Whew, we made it through the first week back after the holidays! I was seriously dreading the return to work and daycare on Tuesday, I thought my kids would be in total meltdown mode. But, to my surprise they were actually super happy, sweet, and ready to go! It always gives me such a good feeling to know how happy my kids are at the daycare that they go to; we truly are lucky to have found her! Aside from working our way back into a routine, trying to eat healthier, and surviving sub zero temps for a second week straight, I love the fresh feeling that comes with the new year, and of course there are so many goodies out there to support that!
1. New Year, New Letterboard
While my letterboard isn’t new, the quote on it may very well be my new favorite. I laugh every time I walk past it hanging on our wall, because it is SO true. And don’t ask me if we had pizza last night for dinner, because the answer is obviously yes. I am working on cleaning up as much of my diet as I can, and am even saying goodbye to my wine for at least a month just to flush out my system, but cutting out pizza? Nope, it just isn’t going to happen.
1. My First Facebook Live Event!
Well, I stepped way outside of my comfort zone this week and did a live video over on Facebook. Be on the lookout for more details next week, but we have started incorporating essential oils into our home and I hosted an online class for how to begin! It was super intimidating for me, because not only was I going live in front of people I know, I was educating on a product. But it went so well and I actually had a lot of fun! I will have the video up through Saturday, so if you want to check it out, you can do so HERE to learn more about how to use a YL Premium Starter Kit!
2. Valentine’s Pajamas
Okay, yes, I am sharing more pajamas. Jackson is wearing size 5T you guys, which means my days of putting him in all of the adorable toddler pajamas are truly becoming numbered. And I saw this pair and purchased immediately for both of my boys. I absolutely love Valentine’s Day (okay, I mostly just love the color pink) and it always bums me out a bit that there aren’t many great options for boys. These are still very much made for boys, but so sweet and festive without including robots or ‘love monsters’. I know you other boy moms know what I mean!
4. Sueded Moto Jacket
I feel like I have been lacking an in-between jacket. I have a good amount of spring options, and I have my warm down jacket that I wear most days during the frigid cold of winter. But I don’t have a stylish option that is cute and easy to wear but still warm and cozy. Earlier this week, I saw this jacket at American Eagle marked down at a MAJOR discount. It is originally $150 and is on sale for only $35! I scooped it up right away; I love the moto style, and think this one looks so unique in that it is also a warmer option. I chose to go with black, and cannot wait to get my hands on it!
5. New Moisturizer/Hair Care/Do It All
As I continue to clean up my skin care routine, I grabbed a bottle of jojoba oil to mix with my essential oils when applying to my face. When I opened it, I read another suggestion on the bottle was to apply a drop to your hair as a serum when it is wet. Now trust me when I say that a little bit goes a long way, but my hair has been so dry and brittle lately, and I couldn’t believe how soft a little bit of this oil made it! Way softer than my normal hair serums, in fact. If your hair has been dry and just feels dull lately, try a little bit of jojoba oil, it is amazing!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, we are finally supposed to see some temperatures in the 20s on Sunday, so I have my fingers crossed we can get the boys outside to do some sledding and snowman building!




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Friday Favorites

Well, it has been a bit! We have been trapped in a revolving door of sickness in our home over the past month. Hand foot and mouth one week, the stomach bug the next, rounded up with terrible respiratory infections for the boys. I have my fingers crossed that it is all finally out of our systems and we are good to go for the holidays! Needless to say, we have been pretty preoccupied with tending to sick kiddos lately, but with Christmas just a few days away (what?!) I couldn’t help but stopping by to share a few of the things I have been loving most this season!
1. Babes and Bokeh
In the past year, I feel like I have really figured out how to use the camera. It has allowed us to do our own family portraits (with the help of my mom who I have taught to use the camera, too!), to capturing bright, quality photos of special family events, to just capturing those sweet, every day moments of our boys. One of my favorite items I have invested in is my 50mm lens. I know all people have their own preferences for photos, but I always have adored blurred backgrounds with sharp focus points. And that lens is also what gives you the cool bokeh effect with lights! Nothing in life has been more magical than watching my children explore and experience holidays. This is my fourth Christmas as a mama, and I can say with absolute certainly that every year has been better than the last. My boys just soak up every last bit of magic, from our moving elf, to the musical ornaments on our Christmas tree, to Jackson finally understanding the whole ‘Santa’ thing. My sweet boy will also tell everyone that it is baby Jesus’ birthday, and naturally, he also thinks this means there will be cake 😉 But back to my main point, this lens and the bokeh effect with the lights on our Christmas tree is one of my absolute favorite things!

These are hardly new or a breakthrough finding, but I finally caved and picked up a few Santa mugs for us to drink out of. And it has been one of the best purchases ever. Jackson LOVES his mug so much, he has been drinking his milk and water out of it with fun paper straws, and it is just so much fun to watch him find so much joy in something so simple. They are ceramic, so of course I am absolutely paranoid he will try to carry it into the living room and break it, so he has learned quickly he can only have it at the kitchen table 😉 To this day he still isn’t so sure about hot chocolate, but these mugs are perfect for the classic milk and cookies, too!
3. Latte Bowls
After having my eye on them forever, I finally pulled the trigger on these latte bowls from Anthropolie. They were 25% off and free shipping, so I just couldn’t say no. I grabbed them in mint and white, but they have so many different colors, making them perfect to mix and match. They are so pretty that they make great decorative pieces, too! I already am planning to grab the pink ones for Valentine’s Day. As a boy mom, you better believe I do whatever I can to take advantage of holidays that allow me to do all of the pink things!
4. Aria Diffuser
I decided to splurge and get myself an Aria diffuser a few months ago, and it may be one of my favorite purchases of all time. It is so pretty on our mantle, and I have been having so much fun diffusing different blends, especially with the holidays happening right now. Our favorite single oil to diffuse is without question Christmas Spirit, but I also love mixing pine and lemon to smell just like a Christmas tree farm! For those of you that use oils (or have thought about using them), this diffuser is truly worth the splurge!
5. The Perfect OTS Sweater
If you love soft, cozy sweaters, this one is absolute perfect. It is thick and super warm, and the foldover top truly stays off the shoulder without a struggle! It is so cozy, and pairs perfectly with leggings, because we all know none of us are planning to eat healthy over the next week. Express has been running such good sales lately, this ruffle sweater is so pretty, and I am obsessed with the vibrant pink color of this one!
I am still in disbelief that Christmas is only three days away. We have family functions going on every day this weekend, and I cannot wait! I don’t think I have been this excited for a Christmas morning than the last year that Santa was real to me. Sometimes I just cannot help but be overwhelmed by the wonder and magic that having children has brought back into my life. Merry Christmas, my friends!

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Friday Favorites

We have made it to another Friday! And we are already into the middle of November; how crazy is that? For whatever reason, I have been feeling extra festive this year, and while my husband refuses any Christmas décor going up until the day after Thanksgiving, you better believe I have already been enjoying holiday cups from Starbucks and Christmas music on my car rides 😉 Since it has been awhile, I can’t wait to share some of my favorites today.
Mike and I recently sat down and had a discussion and decided to officially make a change in our home to essential oils. We have been using them sparingly for years, but we made the agreement that we should start actually switching out products in our home and replacing them with oils. And let me tell you, so far we do not regret it for a second. I have been loving experimenting, but one of my absolute favorites is peppermint. It is so perfect to diffuse with lemon to wake us up in the morning, or with pine and evergreen to get our house smelling like a Christmas tree. It is also great to rub a dot along your hairline if you have a headache (seriously, it works like magic). My all time favorite thing I started doing with this little guy, though, is adding a drop into my black coffee. It adds SO much flavor and tastes like Christmas in a cup, but has almost no calories! I have been enjoying this little combo every morning lately, and I don’t think I will be stopping any time soon.

Christmas Pajamas
I can never get enough of holiday pajamas. I try to scoop up clearance pairs at the end of the season for the boys to wear the following year, but I can never resist getting an additional pair or two when the new styles come out. I love this car set, this has to be one of my favorite Christmas décor trends lately. I am always a sucker for a classic plaid set, and I’m pretty sure the quote on this pair was made for Lincoln. This final pair is such a classic, I just love little one piece sets like this.
Blush Finds
I always love finding a fun pair of pants to wear to work. Black dress pants can start to feel blah after awhile, so really how much fun is this blush pair!? Not only are they my favorite color, but they have the prettiest shimmer/sheen to them. And I saw this sweatshirt in Target and it came home with me immediately! It is so soft and cozy, and is perfect for lounging around on the weekends. I’m not sure if and when I’ll stop with all of the blush things, they are just too good.

Lincoln Lately
This week I shared a bit of what Lincoln has been up to at 18 months old. He is our wild child for sure, but always keeps us on our toes and is at the cutest stage right now. I swear, I could eat him up!

Copycat Barbacoa Recipe
If you have not tried the barbacoa at Chipotle, you are seriously missing out. This stuff is so darn good, so last week I decided to attempt a copycat recipe at home. And it turned out SO good. I made some copycat cilantro lime rice and copycat corn salsa, and it truly tasted exactly like what I would get at the restaurant. Seriously, you will not regret making this stuff; Mike deemed it one to ‘add to the book’. And if Mike approves, everyone probably will 😉

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend-we are getting a heat wave after our cold week and will hopefully see some temps in the 40s. Funny how things change when you live in Minnesota!

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