Out with all white kitchens, white walls, and a lack of color. As we roll into 2023, neutrals are making a strong comeback. From oak kitchens (no worries-not the dreaded honey oak we all remember from the 90s!), to cozy boho vibes, to warm browns and earth tones, home decor has shifted over these past few years. Neutrals are still dominating the home decor scene, but this year the trends also feel a bit more…inviting. Keep reading for some neutral living room ideas that will help you to create your perfect cozy oasis right at home.

Neutral Living Room Ideas for 2023

Earth Tones

Creating a neutral living space can mean so many different things. If you like a bit of color, adding in tones of deep brown, rust, and tan can be a great way to spice things up while still maintaining an overall neutral feel. When adding pops of color, try to do so with items that can easily be swapped out. Stick with neutral furniture, tables, and large accent pieces. A fun ottoman pouf, unique pampas grass stems, or fun accept pillows are all a good way to add some color.

Neutral Modern Living Room Vibes

It might feel like creating a neutral space means keeping things classic. However, you can absolutely add in modern touches to make a neutral living room feel more fresh. Add a fun rug, unique end tables, and modern vases to make your space feel up to date without sacrificing your neutral vibe.

Rustic Modern Inspiration

While the farmhouse trend is no longer in style like it was circa 2016, rustic touches are still definitely in style. A great way to make your space feel modern with a rustic touch is with the addition of farmhouse pendant style light fixtures. Accent tables with rattan detailing are also very popular right now. And of course, if you want to add a bit of edge to your modern space, accenting with black is a great way to do so!

Neutral with a Touch of Boho Inspiration

Another trend that is super easy to mix into a neutral living space is any and all things boho. Think beaded chandeliers, geometric area rugs, and fun table pieces. This is an easy trend to dive into while building upon classic pieces that are timeless like this gorgeous side table or this classic dining table.

Dressed Up Beige Living Room

Of all of the inspiration photos shared in this post, this one definitely feels the most traditional. A pretty accent tree, neutral rug with a bit a texture, and clean and simple accent pieces all lend themselves to creating a perfectly neutral space. This sofa is beautiful and is an affordable alternative to the popular restoration hardware cloud couch.

Natural Wood Accents

One more way to add a bit of flair to your neutral living room is with the additional of natural wood accents. Many millennials may cringe when they hear that oak is back in style. Nearly anyone who grew up in the Midwest in the 1990s to early 2000s likely lived in a home adorned with a bit too much warm honey oak. The oak trending today is much more aesthetically pleasing and neutral feeling. This a cool, unfinished stain that can be blending into nearly any living space imaginable. Add pops of natural oak with accent chairs, framed wall art, or a new console table.

As you can see, whether your style is boho, rustic, modern, or classic, creating a neutral living room in 2023 can absolutely be done. Investing in classic pieces that will stand the test of time is key and will allow you to add personality to the space with accent pieces that you can easily swap out with the seasons or as your style changes. Farmhouse may be out, but a neutral living room for 2023 is 100% in!

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