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Winter came EARLY this year in Minnesota-how very 2020, am I right?! Also, I am pretty sure saying ‘that’s so 2020’ will be a permanent phrase going forward. After 8 long months, sometimes I need all the cheesy jokes and sayings to keep me sane 😉 Back to the topic at hand, though. Winter gear! We had one of our earliest snowfalls every this year, and have had multiple snow storms since then. I decided it was finally time for a new snow jacket this year. Full transparency-I have been wearing the same American Eagle ski coat since SIXTH GRADE, so it was time. After looks of looking, I decided to try out affordable winter gear Arctix, and am so impressed by all of their items. Keep reading for details!

Affordable Winter Gear from Amazon

Anything that ships prime and doesn’t break the bank is a favorite of mine. And when I saw that Arctix carries TALL women’s snow pants, I did a happy dance! The extra length is so nice for ensuring I don’t get snow up my leg 😉

I have never had a ‘matching’ set for the winter, and I am kind of loving how my jacket and snow pants feel put together, even when I am shoveling snow. For reference-I wear a large tall in the snowpants and I sized up to an extra large in the jacket!

Another item I snagged was my white snow gloves. As a tall girl, I also have very long fingers, and most gloves are small and uncomfortable. I love that Arctix carries women’s gloves in multiple sizes-I finally have a pair of winter gloves that fit me!

Hat // Jacket // Snow Pants // Snow Gloves // Boots

Items for the Whole Family

I was able to find affordable winter gear for our whole family through Arctix this year, and we have been impressed across the board. My boys LOVE their new snow pants and jackets, and you cannot beat the quality for the price. I also snagged some snow bibs for Mike! For all of my cold weather friends, I 100% suggest Artcix for your winter gear needs.

Shop Arctix affordable winter gear HERE

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