I Tried CBD-This is What Happened

At this point, if you haven’t heard of CBD oil, you are probably living under a rock. This popular little product has made quite a splash in the last few years, and for the longest time, I found myself wondering if it lived up to the hype. I am pretty straight laced, so I always wrestled with the connection to marijuana. BUT, I also was hearing tons of success stories, and had many friends and family members who were taking CBD. Seeing it being publicly used helped to ‘normalize’ the concept a bit for me. And, after conducting TONS of research, I found that YES, it is 100% legal, and NO, it does not get you high. So, for personal benefit and as a research project, I decided to see what the fuss is all about. Keep reading to see what happened after I tried CBD!

cbd oil pink pajamas white bedroom

I Tried CBD-This is What Happened

cbd oil pink pajamas white bedroom

Do Your Research

First and foremost, there are a LOT of CBD products out there right now. I live in the influencer world, and I can tell you in transparency that I am reached out to at least once a month by a CBD company. All CBD is not created equal, however. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, and since CBD is by no means a ‘cheap’ product, you want something that works. After lots of reading, asking questions, and testimonial research, I settled on this brand.

cbd oil pink pajamas white bedroom

Figure Out Your Routine

One of my favorite things about my CBD of choice is that they provide you with so much more than just product. After placing my first order, I immediately received an e-mail offering to set up a free phone consultant with their dosage specialist. The way CBD works in the body varies based on how it is ingested, so it is important to understand how to maximize the products.

The softgels are ideal to take with food, as they are a slower release. The oil is a more immediate effect since it absorbs beneath the tongue. However, I am not a person who eats first thing in the morning (you can read about my diet and eating schedule here), so after discussing with my dosage specialist my daily routine, we made the decision to flip when I take my oil and softgels! I cannot tell you how much it helped to have a deeper understanding of how the products work to ensure I am getting the most bang for my buck!

Now, the Details. I Tried CBD- This is What Happened

Alright, onto the good stuff of why you are here, right!? I have now been using Equilibria CBD for four months, and let me tell you one thing. IT. IS. A. GAMECHANGER. What happened when I tried CBD was experiencing almost immediate results. It can typically take a few weeks to see noticeable results, especially when it comes to dealing with issues like anxiety. (CBD is not a cure and I am not a doctor, so never change up your medical routine regarding mental health without first consulting a physician!) For me personally, the biggest change I noticed, without question, was in my sleep routine.

As a mom of two young boys, it has been YEARS since I had a good night’s sleep. Even after my kiddos started sleeping through the night, I found myself waking up multiple times throughout the night. No wonder I was always tired, even after, on paper, I had gotten 9-10 hours of sleep the night before. With CBD, I slept through the night without waking once for the first time in ages. And I continued to sleep well-like a rock. You know, that sleep where you wake up and see that the clock says it is morning and you do a double take because you haven’t moved since your head hit the pillow.

What else happened when I tried CBD was a change in my overall mood levels. I have never dealt with severe mental health issues or anxiety, so I truly cannot speak to its impact on those with moods that fluctuate greatly. I can tell you, however, that I have taken CBD through a pandemic, and have been pretty surprised at how, overall, I haven’t gotten as down or sad as I would expect. And, what I love about CBD is that, while you have a recommended dose, you can absolutely take an extra dropper on days where you are feeling extra anxious or stressed. In addition to my morning dose, I have definitely taken an extra dropper on days when the kids are a little bit extra ๐Ÿ˜‰

What Products Do I Use

As I have already mentioned, I am taking the 300 mg oil drops and soft gels every day. They just added their mint flavor to the lineup, which is hands down the oil I suggest. CBD is a bit of an acquired taste. In fact, if you try a CBD product and it doesn’t have an earthy taste, it is probably NOT a product worth taking. The mint drops still have that earthy flavor, but the aftertaste is nice and pleasant! So, what are the purchase options with Equilibria?

One Time Purchase

All of Equilibria’s items can be purchased as individual items for a one time purchase. This a great option if you want to try a new item out, or just aren’t sure and want to test the waters. With code stangandco all items are 15% off!

cbd oil cbd softgels equilibira cbd relief cream for body

Subscribe and Save

The subscribe and save option is the most bang for your buck. You can order all available items via subscription and they ship every 4 weeks. This is a deeper discount than my promo code, and is the best option if you plan to use CBD on a routine basis. As soon as you start running low, your next delivery is already on the way!

cbd oil cbd softgels equilibira cbd relief cream for body

Brilliance and Balance Boxes

For the full benefits of CBD, taking the softgels and oil together is the best option. Equilibria makes it easier to invest in both by providing a steeper discount on their boxes! The balance box can be purchased once, or can be done with the subscribe and save option, and includes the softgels and the oil. You have the choice of getting it with unflavored drops, or with mint (hint: do the mint!)

300 mg cbd for women

Daily Drops

1500 mg cbd oil

High Dosage Drops (great when you need a little extra!)

The greatest savings are on the brilliance box. This bundle has the same items as the balance box, but also has the relief cream. Let me tell you a little something about the relief cream. It isย magic.ย My husband deals with plantar fasciitis and terrible foot pain. When he started asking for the relief cream every day for his feet, I knew it was something good. I started using it on my lower back, and it is incredibly how quickly it dulls pain. Again, it is not a cure for any injuries or health issues. But, the relief and subtle numbing it provides are almost immediate, and substantial.

I also have a father in law who needs knee replacements. When we went to visit them a few months ago, I decided to let him try the relief cream, because what could it hurt? I left a half used jar with him when we headed home. Within two days, received a text from my mother in law asking me for the website. It has provided him with the greatest deal of relief of any of the products he has tried. He now puts it on first thing every morning ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Okay, enough of the success stories (I could go on all day!) The brilliance box really is the most bang for your buck, and it is the one that I have delivered every month! You can always change your subscription, and can cancel at any time.

Other Fun CBD Options

Equilibria has a few other extra options that are great gift ideas, or just for treating yourself. They have bath bombs, essential oil rollers, and a bath soak. We love to use the bath soak in a foot bath once a week. I use the rollers behind my ears throughout the day (they smell amazing). The bath bombs also smell so good (lavender/lemongrass and cardamom/rose!). I reserve these for the very rare opportunity I have to take a bath in our jet tub!

cbd bath bomb lavender lemongrass

Bath Bombs

cbd essential oil rollers equilibria

Roller Duo

lavender lemongrass cbd bath soak

Bath Soak

You can find everything mentioned in this post HERE– and be sure to use stangandco when you checkout to ensure you get 15% off. This week only, the entire website is 15% off and can be stacked with my promo code. This gives you the absolute best savings!

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