5 Things to Do Every Day When Working From Home

How is everyone holding up? I think it is safe to say that this has been one of the most uncertain and scary weeks any of us have encountered in our lifetime. And, while I am sure I am not the only one who has dreamed of working from home, it was never under these circumstances. Not only are many of us navigating a new routine working from home, but many are also doing it while trying to figure out how to have their kiddos home full time. We are suddenly trying to do it all, in scary times, with no idea how long this situation will last.

Sometimes the best thing to do when things feel out of control is to find the things that you can control. I definitely don’t have things mastered yet, but I thought it might be helpful to share with you all 5 things to do every day when working from home. These are things that will hopefully provide you some normalcy, structure, and joy!

5 Things To Do Every Day When Working From Home

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Get Ready For the Day

In the past, I have had occasional work from home days, but because they were a rare treat, I usually took advantage of staying in cozy clothes all day. There is just something about getting up and ready, though, that makes you feel put together. I took one day to be ‘comfy’ this week, but after that, I have stuck to my normal morning routine. Even if I am sitting at the desk in my living room, I can totally tell a difference in how I feel when I put on a pair of jeans and some mascara. I am more ready to tackle my to-do list, and like knowing that I took the time to maintain my morning routine.

Stick to a Routine

Speaking of routine-find one, and stick to it! When going into the office, it is easy to stick to a routine. Get up, drive to work, take lunch at noon, etc. When working from home, resist the urge be too flexible. I mean, one perk of remote work is having a bit more flexibility, but it will do you so much good to have some sort of an expectation of how your day will go. If your kids are home with you, the structure and knowing what to expect will help them, too!

If you are attempting to tackle homeschool in addition to working, I suggest sticking to a schedule as close to your child’s normal routine as possible. Don’t try to squeeze in math class at 5pm, or stop having a lunch break in lieu of lots of snacks. Do what you can so that when your kiddos return to school, it is a smooth adjustment.

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Drink Lots of Water!

Alright, I saw this tip earlier this week, and I have definitely been doing this. One of my biggest struggles when working from home is the constant desire to snack. It is hard to tell if you are actually hungry versus bored (let’s be real, we are probably going to be bored a lot in the next few weeks!) Unless it is a designated time to eat, I am filling up a large tumbler with water every time I get the urge to snack. It usually makes the urge to snack go away, and extra points for staying hydrated!

Take Breaks to MOVE

This one has been a struggle for me this week. While trying to manage everything, being active falls through the cracks easily. At work, I have the walk in and out of my office, bathroom breaks (the bathroom is a lot further from my office at work than it is at home!), and getting up to go chat with coworkers. I have found myself sitting A LOT, and moving is so important! While it is nice to get caught up on laundry when I take a quick break, it is important to also take the time to MOVE. I am going to start trying to hop on the treadmill, even if its just for a five minute walk, and once it warms up, hopefully heading out on walks to take a break and get some fresh air!

Also, while this goes a bit against getting ready every day, one of the perks of working at home it isĀ nothingĀ to work out on a break, and head right back to work, even if you are still wearing your workout clothes! You can do more in less time when working from home, so absolutely make it a priority to get up and move!

Stay Connected

This one is SO important, especially with everything going on in the world. While it can be easy to handle everything via e-mail, take the time to connect with your coworkers on a phone call. Set up video conferences if you are able to do so to see a friendly face, and take a few minutes to call your mom to chat. Social distancing is hard, but don’t let it lead to total isolation. It can take some effort to stay connected, but it is so good for the soul when you do!

Are you currently working from home? Whether you are a stay-at-home mama suddenly juggling schooling, or a working woman who is suddenly home after a routine of always being at the office, we’ve got this! Give yourself grace, and be sure to do whatever you can to maintain a routine and feel normal during these uncertain times.


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