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It is crazy to think that we have already been in our home for over three years. I remember when we were building, it felt like a process that would never end. In our old house, we got by mostly on hand-me-down furniture and random pieces. We never truly made it home, so when we finally built our dream home, I couldn’t wait to put my personal touch on it. We knew we wanted furniture right away, so we ordered a large sectional couch that matched the color scheme of our new home that was comfortable and functional and called it a day. It did not take long for me to realize that our living room was not laid out the way that I wanted.

The Design Challenge

One thing that Mike and I were passionate about when we built our new home was having an open floor plan. If you want to read more about our building process, or are thinking of building yourself, you can read more about it here. Two story ceilings were a must have, and we loved how our floor-plan provided a natural flow from the kitchen to the living room. Of course, with this design also came struggles. One of the hardest things to figure out was how to lay out a room that doesn’t have many walls! We have also struggled with what to put on the walls. When you have SO much wall space thanks to the two story windows, it becomes almost daunting to start hanging things up!

Our Current Room

I don’t mind our current living space, but it has never felt quite right. Our fireplace is the central point by design, so that is not something we can change. And, the design of our current seating really only allows us one option for placement. We have known for awhile that we want to update our furniture. But, we do not want to repeat our past actions and end up with an aesthetic that we don’t love.

We have two little (and very wild) boys, so one thing I always try to keep in mind is how furniture and a layout will impact their ability to play in this space. And of course, I need to make sure that I have pieces that will hold up to their occasional abuse. Boys will be boys!

I discovered Spacejoy – An Online Interior Design Platform

 I stumbled upon Spacejoy at the perfect time. We have been talking about new furniture, but haven’t made any decisions. Due to our dark wood trim, I have always defaulted to items that match, which has resulted in the space being darker than I would like. With Spacejoy, I was able to send over our room dimensions, the photos above to show it from all angles, and other details. For example, the console table by the wall was built specifically for us by my father-in-law, and is one of my favorite pieces in the house. I have no intention of moving it. Spaceyjoy’s detailing is amazing, and they even requested the exact dimensions of the table so they could accurately include it in the design.

Once I sent over the official room details, I was also able to specify a number of other details. These include things like:

  • Color scheme. I love neutrals with pops of blues and greens, and wanted this reflected in product selections.
  • Price point. I was able to provide a rough idea of what we are willing to spend on our furniture, so that when we received our concepts, we would be given options that were realistic to us.
  • Personalized my designs. With my kiddos, I have always wanted to have lighter furniture. I had a phone consultation with Heather, Spacejoy’s interior designer I worked with (who was wonderful!) and she assured me should would include options that are stain resistant and durable.

Concept One

The Spacejoy team was able to send over two design options for us to explore. you guys, it is insane to see your room, and recognize it as yours, but totally redesigned and reimagined. I was honestly giddy when I saw these designs!

The first design is more similar to our current design, and provided some great insight to what it would look like to add some additional pieces. I have always considered adding a console table to the back of the couch, so it was great to see it come to life in these concepts.

You can see below that, as requested, my table was kept within the design, but the team was able to then work with my other requests to style it in a way that matched the design.

I also loved how this concept brought in a few chairs to ‘close off’ the space a bit from the kitchen. It created a more intimate feel and really centered the room around the coffee table.

Concept Two

I think one of my favorite things about my experience using Spacejoy was being able to see two totally different concepts. The first concept was more of a build off of our existing layout, and concept two allowed me to see what the space would look like with new furniture. To be honest, I knew the second that I saw them that concept TWO is what I want! I have gone back and forth on how I would lay out a love seat and couch combo, and I love how this concept laid them out. The coffee table in between them still keeps them close and functional, but the room feels so much more breathable. Also, can we talk about that coffee table!? I am in love!

The additional of the chair and small table next to the fireplace is something I would never have thought of doing. At this point in time with our kiddos, I probably wouldn’t make this addition just yet. But as they grow and can be a bit more trusted, I will absolutely look into doing something like this!

3D Viewing

Both the design options could be viewed in 3D on the Desktop App. And if I had to revise a design, Spacejoy’s designer (Heather) would do a live revision and the revision was done via the Desktop App in real time. The designer quickly does a swap, moves the product around to show more layout options, etc. Instead of going into a feedback loop the live revision minimizes the back and forth. The live revision is meant to get the revisions out of the way quickly. 

The Next Steps

Once you receive your two concepts, you are able to make requests and modifications for your designer. For example, I liked Concept Two but wanted to add the mirror from Concept One, so I made that request. Of course, you could make other requests, like a different color for the couch, different pillows, plants, etc. Not only does Spacejoy provide you with concepts of what your space could look like. With your designs, you also receive links to every single item in the image! As I mentioned above, the items will be in the pricepoint you set at the beginning, making it realistic for you to buy.

I definitely have some changes that I will be making to our room after working with Spacejoy. First on my list is to get rid of our sectional and get a sofa/love seat combo instead. And Mike and I have actually discussed many times whether or not we should add long drapes to our windows. One of our first decisions after seeing these designs was that we definitely will do so! I will be sure to share any changes and modifications that we make to this space! And, just for fun, feel free to head here for a home tour when our house was a blank canvas right before we moved it!

*Thank you to Spacejoy for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.*

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