Wake Up With Me-My Weekend Morning Routine!

Let me begin this post by stating the obvious-I have no downtime to drink my coffee at home during the week. With a 6:40am bus time, most mornings are a mad dash to get the boys out of the door and crossing my fingers we didn’t forget something! But on the weekends, I like to take things nice and slow. Mike would tell you I take things too slow..I almost always sleep in later than him, and our boys have a built in alarm clock of 5am! I live in a house of early risers! Even so, on the weekends I love to move slower, brew my favorite coffee, and enjoy the calm. I think Saturday morning is one of my favorite moments of the week-there is that anticipation of the entire weekend ahead! Keep reading for my weekend morning routine and how I enjoy my mornings!

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*This post is written in collaboration with Cameron’s Coffee. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!*

My Weekend Morning Routine

I almost always brew a half pot of Cameron’s Coffee on Saturday mornings. Even if I don’t drink it all in the morning, I love to use whatever is leftover for an iced coffee later on! Since I have time to savor my coffee out of a mug rather than an on the go thermos, I tend to go with a more classic option like Breakfast Blend or Woods&Water, and then add my favorite creamer. Most recently, I have been loving Nut Pods! You don’t need much, but it adds such a nice subtle creaminess to my coffee, with almost no calories.

Finding Your Spot

Once I have a fun mug and my cozy robe in place, I head to my spot. We all have a spot, don’t week? That spot that everyone knows to leave for you. The spot that leaves you feeling unsettled if it is occupied and you have to sit somewhere else. That favorite chair, or cozy nook that you always gravitate towards. We are such creatures of habit! In our house, my spot is on the right end of the couch, next to our rickety old end table that desperately needs to be replaced. It is probably no coincidence that I love this spot most because it has somewhere for me to set my drinks down 😉 I love to cozy up in the corner, place my coffee mug on a coaster, and curl up in my favorite blanket.

Nine times out of ten there is chaos and yelling around me, because #boymom! Even so, enjoying my coffee in my favorite spot always serves as a gentle reminder to take a minute and enjoy the present. I love to soak up the sunrise and those slow moments before the busy-ness of our weekend begins! Fun fact-our backyard has a direct view of the sunrise, so while we don’t get to watch the sun set very often, our morning views out of our two story windows are absolutely breathtaking!

Tips To Establishing a Relaxing Morning Routine

  • Brew a coffee that you look forward to. I know I am not the only one that heads to bed looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. If you are a coffee drinker like me, buy the fancy creamer, and splurge on a new flavor when the seasons change. If coffee isn’t your thing, find a tea that you love, or even just drink your morning glass of water out of a pretty tumbler!
  • Allow yourself time. I need to get better at this one. I am a chronic hitter of the snooze button, especially during the dark winter months! But, I always feel SO much better about my days when I give myself 15-30 minutes to relax and get myself in the right mindset when I wake up. There is no better way to prepare for the day ahead than by allowing yourself the ability to enjoy your morning routine.
  • Figure out what impacts your mood. Do you need exercise to feel right throughout the day? Schedule in that morning workout! Do you feel frazzled if you are thrown into mom duty with breakfast demands and lost socks the moment you wake up? Set the alarm and beat your kids to waking up to spend a few minutes in peace and quiet (again, I need to take my own advice!) Those first few days will be tough, but I promise, once you get in the routine those few quiet moments to yourself will be SO worth it!
  • Prepare the night before! Again, seeking my own advice with this one 😉 But your mornings will go SO much more smoothly if outfits are laid out, backpacks are prepped, and everything for work is ready to go. There is nothing worse than searching for your child’s favorite pair of socks or searching for your laptop when you are already rushed! Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes every night to be sure you are ready for the next day!

How do you most like to spend your mornings? Are you ready to go first thing, or are you like me, and need a little bit of time to get moving? I always LOVE hearing the routines of others!

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