RewardStyle Top Sellers of 2019

You all, I am SO excited to share this post today. I have been working with RewardStyle for awhile now, but in the past six months or so have really started to dive in and do my best to provide you all with the best content. Sharing what YOU want and what YOU love most is what makes this job so much fun! And today, they are officially releasing the TOP items of 2019!

These are the top items of millions that are tried and true favorites. You have likely seen many of these in your Instagram feed or in your favorite magazine. The reviews are in, and these items are loved by many and are the perfect gift items to snag this holiday season!

Some of the items are a splurge, some are a steal, and some are the inspiration behind so many lookalikes. If you have seen similar items circulating, know that these are the originals, and the quality is top notch!

You can shop all of the items by clicking on the images above or in the slideshow below. I broke down my top five picks from the list, so keep reading to find out what I am loving the most!

My Top Five Picks of the 2019 Top Sellers

My favorite item on the list is, of course, the Tula Glow and Get It eye balm! This product comes with me EVERYTHING. I was not one bit surprised to see it at the top of the list. And you can get it for an additional 20% off with code MACKENSEY.

You have likely seen this swimsuit if just about every color under the sun. I love high waisted bottoms-they are so flattering and, in my opinion, are so much more comfortable to wear and feel covered for a day at the beach. I think my favorite color is the white, navy, and pink, but nothing beats a black swimsuit!

These booties were one of my top selling items from the #NSale. I did not personally invest in them, only because at 6′ tall, the heel is a bit more than I typically wear. But the brand is one that puts out amazing quality, and I love that these come in a variety of prints and colors!

This jacket. Oh, this jacket. A cult favorite all spring and summer long, and with good reason! At one of the best price points on the list, it comes in regular, tall, and petite sizes, and the distressing and coloring is so perfect. A good jean jacket is a closet staple item that everyone should own, and I love that one of my favorite affordable retailers made this list!

Who else has jumped on the headband trend? These are the headbands that inspired it all! So cute, and so much more delicate than a traditional solid band headband. I love the neutral color options, and how wearing a headband can immediately transform a look and add a feminine touch!

Do you own any of the items that made this list!? Or any items that were inspired by the originals!? I love seeing which items are most loved-and would love to hear how these items compare to your top picks of 2019!

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