Celebrating National Coffee Day At Home!

We have officially entered the -BER months, and I could not be more excited! This little four month slice of the year is just magical, don’t you think!? So many festivities, holidays, and football games to enjoy! We have gotten an early glimpse of fall here in Minnesota, and it has me swapping out my summer cold brew coffee for the hot stuff. When the temps drop, I also love to treat myself to warm and cozy flavors! Did you know that September 29th is National Coffee Day? This crazy coffee lady doesn’t need an excuse to celebrate my favorite beverage, but you know I am all over this day!

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Celebrating National Coffee Day At Home

New Routine Including Coffee At Home

Since we started kindergarten for Jackson and have gotten adjusted to our new routine, I don’t quite have the time for my morning coffee stops that I used to. I have narrowed myself down to one ‘treat drink’ a week, but I actually do not miss those stops nearly as much as I thought I would. Ever since I became a Cameron’s Coffee fan, they’ve made it so easy and affordable to satisfy my coffee cravings with coffee brewed at home. So it makes sense that Instead of splurging on an overpriced drink for National Coffee Day this year, I will be brewing one of my new blends from Cameron’s Coffee at home. I recently fell in love with Amaretto, and the Toasted Southern Pecan is SO good. There is so much flavor, and the coffees brew so smooth, that I have gotten back into the habit of just drinking my coffee black in the morning!

Spruce Up Your At Home Cup of Coffee

I usually drink my coffee black. Not only do I like the flavor, but I also just turned 30! My waistline can’t handle those sugary drinks like it used to! 😉 All jokes aside, I have found that nothing makes coffee at home more fun than having a flavor you look forward to brewing, and a creamer you love. There are SO many options out there right now. Whether you like traditional creamer, almond milk, or oat milk, the options are endless! I promise you, grabbing a seasonal flavored creamer at the grocery store will have you just as excited as a fancy drink out. And, the same amount of money spent will last you for weeks!

Of course, if you prefer something a little bit sweeter, you can head here to check out my homemade honey lavender latte recipe! I also like to follow these steps using a caramel or vanilla syrup when I want a delicious do it yourself latte! And of course, coffee always tastes better out of a pretty mug. So, I found some favorites below that are sure to make you excited to make your coffee at home! How cute are these inspiring quote mugs that Cameron’s Coffee sells!?

What’s Your Favorite Way to Drink Your Coffee?

How are you celebrating National Coffee Day? Will you be splurging at the coffee shop, or trying out some new fall flavors at home like me? Do you drink your coffee black, or are you a sucker for are sweet treat or seasonal flavor. Be sure to check back next month. I will have a whole roundup of the new seasonal flavors from Cameron’s Coffee! Trust me, if you go crazy over the typical seasonal drinks at your favorite coffee shop, you will want to check back and see all of the goodness that Cameron’s has brewing up!

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