30 Facts For My 30th Birthday!

YOU GUYS. First of all, I am not sure if I know how to start a sentence without throwing ‘you guys’ in there somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously you guys, I cannot believe I am turning 30. Does it make sense to say that I cannot believe I am already that old, yet at the same time sometimes I wonder how in the heck I am still in my 20s. Dating an older man did that to me I think-he is always six years ahead of me. So, while I am sitting over here freaking out about turning 30, he is entering is late 30s. Still, when he has been in his 30s for so long already it seems strange to me that I haven’t even entered the dirty thirty club yet-until today!

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Despite slightly freaking out over losing my youth (and metabolism, I’m afraid) I am really excited to see what my 30s will hold. My 20s were magical. I fell in love, graduated college, got married, had a baby, graduated with my master’s, had another baby, built a house, and totally changed my career. I don’t think it is possible to look back at my 20s and not feel a sense of accomplishment and overall, gratefulness for all of the good things that we experienced. As I turn 30, I also celebrate a full decade with Michael. That man has officially held my heart for a third of my life. *mind blown* My 20s were just really, really good. But gosh, they were busy. I am so excited to enjoy so many new experiences and stages as I enter my 30s. Kids who can start doing actual chores? Family outings that aren’t dictated by nap time? Establishing my career and finally feeling truly settled? I am just so excited.

To celebrate the big 3-0, I thought it would be fun to share 30 facts about me! This blog has changed so much in the past year, and while that change with less focus on our personal life has been intentional, I still think it is fun to give a little behind the scenes from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep reading for 30 facts about me-some might surprise you!

30 Facts For My 30th Birthday

  1. When I was in elementary school, I noticed a weird bump by my knee. Turns out, it was an osteochondroma, or a benign bone tumor. I had surgery to have it removed and have a fun little scar on my knee as a result. I like to tell people I just grew an extra bone, because I’m extra like that ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. So many people are surprised to find out I was a competitive figure skater until I turned 15. I hung up my skates to join my high school dance team, but I did a love of traveling and training. I had nailed most of the ‘double’ jumps, and was working on my double axel!

  3. ย I grew up listening to classic rock. Over the past year or two, Mike and I have fallen back in love with the classics like Queen, Elton John, and the Beatles, and I am HERE FOR IT. Nothing compares to old rock and I wish we still had music like that being made today.

  4. In high school, I took both Journalism and Yearbook as courses. Despite always being a science girl, I clearly still liked my writing ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have definitely moved on from my love of science, haha! But my love for writing and creating has stayed with me!

  5. ย Speaking of moving on from science, I always thought I would be a doctor. I got straight As, math and science came easily to me, and it just made sense being I seemed to be good at those things. And then I wen to college and realized it would be a decade of organic chemistry and biology courses, and I changed my plans almost immediately! O chem was NOT for me!

  6. I hate ice cream sandwiches. I absolutely love ice cream, but for whatever reason I am so disappointed every time I eat one, I would just rather not. It is one of very few desserts that I have NO problem passing up.

  7. ย I am an excellent baker, but mike is the better cook. I always get distracted, or do too many things at once, and my cooking just doesn’t turn out right. Mike always gets it right, and his recipes turn out so well. Of course to be fair, the kitchen is always MUCH cleaner after I use it!

  8. I could quote just about every episode of The Office and have lost track of how many times we have watched the series. It feels almost like a part of our relationship, and is our little inside joke because we love it equally.

  9. ย I have always been an early riser. But I somehow married someone who rises WAY earlier than me. I thought 6am was early, but somehow I live in a house where I am the one sleeping in!

  10. Of the places I have traveled, Taormina, Silicy is a hidden treasure and a place I would LOVE to go back to. From what I have seen in photos, it looks a lot like the Amalfi Coast, but the culture in Siciliy is SO different than the mainland in Italy. I remember feeling like I was in a dream in that city. It seemed surreal that people actually live and work in a place so historic and so beautiful!

  11. I have officially been blogging for over five years (that is so crazy to even think! This blog is as old as Jackson!) I started it as a motherhood blog, but always incorporated a little bit of fashion. About a year ago, I made a conscious decision to mostly remove the kiddos. I did this for their protection, and to create a better balance for my family. I am not a blogger who ‘found my groove’ right away, but I love where I am at right now!

  12. Potato chips are my weakness. I try to not even keep them in the house because once I sit down with a bag, it will be gone. Self control goes right out the window when I see a bag of sour cream and onion.

  13. I love spicy food. The hotter, the better. I had super spicy wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, and Jackson was born the next day. Probably not a coincidence? But seriously, give me all the spice!

  14. I never imagined being a boy mom, but aside from the constant fart jokes and super heroes yelling in my face, I couldn’t love it more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I truly believe we get the exact children that we were meant to have.

  15. I am 6 feet tall. I feel like most people know that by now, but I always like to throw it in so people aren’t shocked if they meet me in person! I was 5’10 by the 5th grade, and have ALWAYS been the tall girl.ย I cannot say I am 100% confident in my height, but I love it more now than I ever have before.

  16. I complain about living in Minnesota, but I will never move. People either stay here forever, or leave and never come back. I fall in the first category!

  17. I take off my wedding ring and put on comfy pants first thing when I get home from work. I hate feeling restricted at all, and wish I could work from home solely for the purpose of not having to wear real pants.

  18. I still work my full time job. I recently transitioned from health care to a digital media role, and life has been crazy but is finally starting to feel ‘normal’ again.

  19. I don’t really like sugary candy, like sour patch kids, gummy worms, etc. I will eat it, but I choose chocolate every single time.

  20. I played the flute in band all through high school. I was pretty good, too! I still have it in a case in my room, but I am afraid to pull it out because I am not ready for my boys to want to play that!

  21. I also took piano lessons! We do not currently have a piano, but I really want the boys to take lessons. It was always a huge stress reliever for me.

  22. Mike and I both come from families that had two boys and two girls. It made pairing people up for our wedding pretty darn easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I was a vegetarian for a year in high school. Then, I started eating turkey/chicken in college because I was struggling to find things to eat that weren’t carbs. And then I started dating a guy whose family butchers their own cows…so now I eat it all. I still prefer chicken and seafood most of the time, but I love a good cheeseburger!

  24. If I could travel anywhere, I would love to go to Ireland. I have so many bucket list locations, but I just love so much about Ireland.

  25. We eat way too much pizza in our house. It is our favorite food, and I look forward to our Thursday night pizza all week long. Mike and I also love to order the ‘cream cheese popper’ pizza, which has cream cheese, pepperoni, and jalapenos. We order it after the kids go to bed when we want to be selfish.

  26. I am still recovering from how disappointed I was with the Game of Thrones series finale. The whole last season just felt rushed and lazy. And I have now lost anyone who didn’t watch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Speaking of disappointing series endings, ALSO STILL NOT OVER HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. When the last episode finished, I literally looked at Mike and said, well there’s years of my life I will never get back. Seriously, so dumb!

  28. When Mike and I were dating, we would get a quart of ice cream from Coldstone and have them put in a clear gummy bear. We would bet on something and whoever got the gummy bear won. It is one of those silly little things that will always be special to me.

  29. My mom did in home daycare until I was 8 or 9 years old. So while I got to ‘stay home’, I grew up in a daycare environment!

  30. My ultimate high school crush was the boy that Kirsten Dunst kissed at the end of ‘Bring It On’. I loved him!

Whew, thirty facts is a lot! I feel like I may have just started drifting off into storytelling territory, so if you made it to the end, congrats! And a huge shoutout to people who do these lists every year-I can’t imagine coming up with 40 facts! Thank you all SO much for your love and support. It is just crazy to think that I was just 24 when I started this blog. Thirty seemed so far away, and yet when I step back and look at HOW MUCH LIVING we have done since I started this little space, it blows my mind. Some days I cannot believe I am already thirty, and some days I cannot believe I have these kids and this life and am just now exiting my twenties. I can only hope that my thirties are as good to me as my twenties were. Cheers to the next decade!

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