Giving Back With Digital Box Tops

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Do you remember clipping Box Tops as a kid? I sure do! I always got such a kick from finding them on the box and cutting them off to put into a storage bag. We would always let them collect until we had a big bag before turning them in. Even as a small child, I remember feeling so proud and fulfilled  knowing that I had done something for someone else. Of course, now that I am a mom, I see every day the truth behind the saying that it is better to give than to receive. Doing kind acts for my children (or anyone, really!) brings me more joy than any gift ever could.

Of course, children are pretty ME focused-and it is so important as a parent to be sure they know how important it is to help others out! If there is one thing that would bring me the most joy, it would be hearing at Jackson’s first school conferences that he goes above and beyond for others. Above all other things, I want my child to be kind, and giving back with Box Tops is such an easy tool to begin teaching him those skills!

Giving Back With Digital Box Tops

The Box Tops for Education Program has been around for 22 years, but this year they are stepping up their game! Kids will no longer need to clip and collect off of boxes to turn them in. Box Tops are going digital, which means that a simple scan of your receipt with any Box Tops items eligible for digital redemption can be turned in with your phone! Yes, I loved collecting Box Tops as a child. But if I am being honest, I also recall them getting spilled on, or misplaced. When something sits there collecting dust for awhile, it can be easy to forget!  I am so excited to let Jackson participate in turning in his Box Tops and seeing where his contributions are going!

This change is being rolled out this month, and will be gradual. You can head to Costco to start taking advantage of this updated program this month, with eligible products. These are items that are ideal for children, and we usually have them on hand anyway. I mean, #kids and #snacks go hand in hand, right!? PLUS, Costco Members can earn 10 Box Tops automatically on all participating products AND 5,000 members have a chance to win 100 Box Tops in addition!!! Head to Costco right now to stock up on all these amazing products.

Not only will this change be a great way for Jackson to learn about how easy it is to give back, but as a mom with a million things to keep track of, I am pretty darn excited, too! My hope is to turn it into something we can do together after we visit the store. Any other moms of little boys can likely attest to the fact that EVERYTHING is fun if you turn it into a game! To help get my boys excited, I plan to turn Box Tops into a little hunt in the store. Why not encourage them to select snacks and foods that they get to scan in at the end of the day! 

How To Participate

I was so surprised how easy it is to use the new app to upload digital Box Tops. I started by downloading the Box Tops app, and it walked me right through the process of starting an account. You are able to select your child’s school, which I love! This is something you could also let grandparents and friends use if they would like to create an account to contribute to your child’s school! 

I was anxious to test out uploading my first receipt, but it went SO quick and with little effort! You simply take a picture of your receipt, and IMMEDIATELY a balance is uploaded! As a kid, while I loved turning Box Tops in, I never got to see the true value of them, so it is so much fun to tell Jackson how many dollars he just gave to his school! 


The app also allows you to see the goal amount set by your school, your personal contributions, and what the total value of redeemed box tops is for the school as a whole! It is so interactive and rewarding, and something I plan to involve Jackson in every time we redeem a receipt!

I challenge you all to participate in giving back with digital Box Tops. It is easier than ever and benefits everyone! 🙂

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