I Got A New Job!

Sorry guys, not pregnant. If you were hoping for a baby announcement take that one up with Mike. No really, please do. I won’t stop you 😉 But my big news is something that I can finally share-I got a new job! I have changed jobs over the past seven years a few times, but this time it is different. Keep reading, and I will explain.

A Little Background

I received my bachelor’s degree in community health. My dream job was providing community education, participating in events, and whatever else you would think of when thinking of public health work. I can still remember calling Mike thrilled beyond belief when I was offered a job at our local health system. It was truly one of the happiest moments in my career!

Since then, I have moved roles twice. The first switch was to a job that I truly thought was my dream job. It was working for a program in our health system that I had my eye on while I was still in college. So many of my old classmates were envious of me landing this role. Again, it felt like a dream! But here is the thing; I realized pretty quickly that public health was not really my thing. My heart just wasn’t in it. I just couldn’t light the fire like I had hoped. I saw the passion that my coworkers had for the work we were doing, and I realized it wasn’t the work I was destined to do.

My new job is casual dress which means I can wear jeans and comfy tops to work. This may or may not be my favorite new perk!

Making Progress

Throughout this process, I had also gone back to school for my MBA. I learned quickly that there is a lot of law, business, and bureaucracy in health care. I was eager to gain some business knowledge to really understand both sides of the business. Shortly after getting my Master’s degree, my job of the past three years became available and was a step into a management role.

And still, I just never hit a groove. This blog was growing on the side, and I realized that when you are doing something you love, you will WANT to do the work! Blogging is challenging, tiring, and more work than most of my friends and family realize, but it is easy for me to do because I love doing it. Blogging has opened my eyes to the fact that, while work will still feel like work, if you enjoy it, you will be motivated to do it.

Deciding To Make A Change

Now, to the main point. (If you are still following, along, congrats! My tangents are often lengthy!) I had a talk with Mike about a month ago telling him that I felt like I NEEDED to make a career change. My current job was very comfortable and flexible, and so riding it out until the boys were in school made sense. But that would be another two to three years, and I just couldn’t imagine continuing on the path I was on for that long.

After talking with him, I put in an application at a business I had never heard of, but the job description intrigued me. And in a whirlwind of less than two weeks, they interviewed me and offered the job. It is a job that has NOTHING to do with healthcare; it is in website management, SEO, and marketing. I would not be entering this new career without this blog. Truly, I owe my job to this little space and the skills I have developed, and I am so, so grateful! Diving into this hobby and ultimately creating my own business has opened my eyes to my passions, and what brings me joy in the workplace!

I got a new job

Our family will be settling into our new normal in the coming weeks. Please bear with me as I may not be posting quite as often. I am so incredibly excited to start this new chapter, and to use my ‘blog skills’ in my new role! Cheers to new beginnings, and as always, thank you all for your continued support and for following along!

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