Cameron’s Coffee Cold Brew Kind of Summer

Summer is in full swing here in Minnesota! I have gotten such a kick out of responses to where I live by putting my ‘life out there’ on social media. I actually had people comment that they didn’t know it ever bloomed or got warm in Minnesota when I started posted ‘green’ pictures this spring. It was so funny! It is a fair assumption considering our winters never seem to end! In reality, we have some of the most BEAUTIFUL summers around, and we are in the midst of the hottest weeks of the year right now. And when you know the heat is something you only get for a short time, it becomes a cold brew kind of summer when it comes to your coffee. While I like my coffee hot most of the year, there is just something about an icy cold brew from Cameron’s Coffee. to get you going on the way to work in the morning on a steamy July day!

*This post is written in collaboration with Cameron’s Coffee. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!*

Cameron’s Coffee Cold Brew

Cameron’s Coffee has come out with a ton of new products lately. Their new cold brews are my absolute favorite! I have made my own cold brew from other blends in the past using regular grounds. However, I love that these are specially crafted to make the perfect cold brew. You want a coarser ground for cold brew, and something bold enough but also not too light (you will be drinking it over ice, after all!) These new blends take the guess work out of it and are perfectly made to steep overnight and serve over ice!

How To Brew

I love that there are easy to follow instructions on the side of the bag. It tells you exactly how to brew! I actually use my french press, which holds about four cups of water. So, I do 1/2 cup of cold brew grounds and 4 cups of water. I mix it well before steeping to ensure I really get the coffee incorporated into the water!
You let the cold brew steep in the fridge for 12-24 hours before drinking, so I like to make a batch when I get home from work in the afternoon so it is ready to go first thing in the morning!

I am a sucker for flavored coffees, so I absolutely LOVE the new Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew Blend. Of course, if flavored coffee isn’t your jam, Cameron’s Classic Cold Brew Blend will be right up your alley. Either way, you’ll be getting a deliciously smooth summer pick-me-up.

I try to drink my coffee black most often. However, I always have some creamer on hand for the days I want a little something extra. I recently discovered and fell in LOVE with this oat milk creamer, and it is SO good. It is definitely worth a try, especially if you like trying out different dairy-free alternatives!

Tell me, how do you drink your coffee? Do you switch it up with the seasons? Do you drink it piping hot no matter how warm it is outside? Or are you one of my friends that drink it on ice no matter what?

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