Master Bedroom Refresh

You guys, I could not be more excited about today’s post! After years of saying we were going to eventually upgrade from a queen to a king sized bed, we finally did it! I shared about our mattress over on my Instagram if you are looking for more details. Of course, a new mattress is just one piece of the puzzle. I knew this was the perfect opportunity for a master bedroom refresh. While we have only been in our home for three years, our bed frame was a hand me down that we painted white. It worked (you can see our original space here). However, I have always had my heart set on a tufted headboard. Keep reading for all of the details! As you can see, I haven’t strayed for having a ruffly white comforter, but when you love something enough you don’t mess with it!

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Master Bedroom Refresh

First and foremost, can we talk about this comforter from Lush Decor!? I was so sad that the original style we had was discontinued. I got questions on it frequently! This style is similar but unique in its own way, and while I loved the original, I LOVE this comforter. The ruffles are more condensed on the bottom, and are not present at the top, which is more functional for sleeping. For being solid white, it has so much dimension! I am on the fence about adding back in yellow pillows, because I really like the solid white look!

Comforter // Headboard // Similar Lamps // Wool Blanket // Faux Fur Blanket // Faux Fur Pelt //Tulle Layer Blackout Curtains // White Fur Pillow // Nightstands

New Headboard

I was unsure how I would feel about no longer having a footboard, but you guys, I am LOVING it. Even though our new mattress is bigger, because we don’t have the extra space at the end of the bed, our room feels bigger. For the first time I am thinking we may even be able to put a small bench at the end of the bed!

I do not know if I could love our new headboard more if I tried. Tufted headboards are everywhere, so I had a lot of options to sort through. I knew I wanted something with enough height. As soon as I found this one, and was ready to settle on the darker gray color. But the velvet light gray kept calling me! Luckily I found one restocked on Amazon! I have never clicked add to cart faster! Trust me, if you have your eye on this one, it is worth the wait! It may be backordered a month or two, but it is worth it!

Accent Color

I haven’t completely said goodbye to the yellow in our room yet. Pale sunshine yellow is one of my FAVORITE colors, and I cannot imagine finding a color that I like more! However, I did remove the pillows to make the room a bit more neutral. One of the best things about accent colors is they can be added/removed with little to no effort!

Always and Forever Sign

Gray drop window curtain

What are your thoughts on the master bedroom refresh? I feel like our bedroom is a space that is never complete. I always find new accent pieces, and love to change out pieces throughout the seasons (see here for some holiday inspo!) And like I said, be sure to head here to read more about our new mattress and why we made the switch!

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