New Cameron’s Coffee for the New Season!

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I cannot believe Memorial Weekend has already come and gone. You guys, summer is officially here! We still have a few days left in May, but I feel like Memorial Day is always the official ‘beginning’ of summer. I always look forward to changing things up with the seasons, and my coffee is no exception. Cameron’s Coffee just launched some new blends, and they have been the perfect way to change up my morning routine!

Three new blends launched this month, including an Italian Roast, 100% Columbian, and Honduras Santa Rosa (my favorite!) I love having flavored coffee, but for whatever reason simple is always my preference in the summer months. I save the rich, flavor-filled stuff for the holiday season! These new blends are all unique in their own way, and true to Cameron’s tagline, are always smooth, never bitter and you don’t need to add anything to it to make it a great tasting cup of coffee. However, they still provide the perfect base for any milk, creamer, or sugar you may like to add 😉

Three New Blends

The Italian Roast is the darkest option, which makes it great for those who like something stronger. It is also great for iced coffee, because stronger brews are great for diluting a bit with ice! What I love most about Cameron’s Coffee is that even the more traditionally stronger and roasty notes are incredibly smooth, without any bite!

I always love a classic Columbian coffee. Cameron’s 100% Columbian is a medium roast, this is the kind of coffee that you can brew when you have company over and it will work for just about everyone. Not too dark, and not too light!

The Honduras Santa Rosa is my absolute favorite! This coffee is SO smooth. Coffee drinkers who have tried a lot of different coffee shop brands will understand when I say that some brands of coffee are bitter, some have a bite, some are too sweet. This is just the smoothest, easiest to drink coffee, with a slightly sweet flavor. I love to drink my coffee BLACK, and this coffee is a great option because it is perfect on its own!

Tell me, what is your favorite way to drink coffee? Does it change throughout the year? I have some fun challenges and summertime recipes coming up over the next few months, so be sure to come back and see what I brew next!

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