Graphic Tee Finds

I asked, and you all wanted to see more Target and more graphic tees, so I decided to bring you both! I have been LOVING the graphic tee trend, and found so many good ones in both women’s AND men’s sections! See my favorites below, and I linked up some other options I didn’t bring home but just might on my next tar-jay run 😉 All pictures below are paired with this skirt (comes in LONG) and these shoes! As always thanks for reading, see my graphic tee finds below!

Graphic Tee Finds At Target

How perfect is this Dunder Mifflin tee?! We have watched The Office SO many times, it is a classic in our home. This is a men’s tee (I did a medium) and I like that it is still fitted but has good length. There is a ladies version too!

GOT Fans

Another find from the men’s section, this Game of Thrones tee is so fun! If you watch the show, you know who says this 😉 It was perfect timing to snag this, since the series finale is on Sunday (and I am NOT ready for it!) I love this tank too, perfect for any mamas out there!

For The Classic Rock Ladies

I never met a band tee I didn’t like! This tee is actually from the women’s section (I sized up to an XL) and you can see the sleeves are shorter and the overall length is shorter. As a tall gal, I honestly prefer the length of the men’s option (they have a nearly identical one) and there are lots of other classic band options!

Fun Local Options

I about died when I saw this tank! Wearing a medium here but would have preferred a large. Most Minnesotans would probably agree we complain about living here all winter long, but we just can never leave. Minnesotans love Minnesota! I am guessing there are tees similar for each state in stores throughout the country? Or just head to Target and search ‘YOUR STATE’ tee and options should pop up!

Where Are My Coffee Lovers?

Last but not least, I have been eyeing this tank since it first hit shelves! For $12, it is so cute and so fun! Coffee is my love language, and I love the pretty blue color. I also like sizing up because I hate tight tops, but this is flowy to begin with so your normal size should be just fine!

Where is your favorite place to shop for graphic tee finds? Now that I have started, I don’t know if I will stop!

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