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I have shared many times about the changes we have made in our home over the past year. We have ditched and switched the majority of the products we use. Self care, household supplies, even bathroom cleaning have all been replaced with clean-ish items. Anyone and everyone should make a conscious effort to clean up the products they use, but I also know firsthand how overwhelming it can feel. Beyond just feeling overwhelming, it can get expensive, and quickly!

I have enrolled in a few direct sales companies that have products and a mission I am passionate about. We use essential oils in place of candles, and for a number of natural remedies. And for my skincare, haircare, and beauty routine, I absolutely fell in LOVE with Beautycounter. Both of these companies sell just about any product you could need, and they are all super clean! However, I would be lying if I said that every. single. item. was a homerun. And even if I do like some products, I cannot always justify the price tag. I will pay for this cleaner concentrate, and absolutely think it is worth every penny. But I tried, and could not justify, spending $10 on a bottle of dish soap that doesn’t foam well and barely lasted me a week!

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Lucky for you, I have used websites like and the Think Dirty app, and lots of trial and error, to bring you the BEST clean products. And if purchasing from direct sales companies aren’t your thing, these are all items that can be found at Target, Amazon, or any mainstream retailer! Everyone should be able to afford clean products, so keep reading for my top picks, and a breakdown of how ‘clean’ they really are!

Body Wash

For me, of all the natural products out there, body wash has been the most difficult to find one that actually leaves me feeling CLEAN. And I don’t know about you, but there is nothing worse than taking a shower and feeling like you didn’t get clean! Many of them do not offer a good lather, which is so frustrating. We have tried and like some Young Living products (for those of you that are enrolled), but for clean items you can buy right at Target, we have fallen in love with Oars and Alps! This is a mens line, but the body wash is great for men and women alike! I love that it smells like peppermint, it is so fresh and clean feeling. Mike is a bar soap fan, so it is perfect.

If you want something a little more gentle and less ‘manly’ smelling, I love the Everyone Body Soap. It is not the cleanest scoring of all products (it gets a 5 on Think Dirty), but like I said, I have a hard time sacrificing feeling clean, so this is a compromise I am comfortable with. The price on this stuff is also excellent, and it lasts forever!

Hair Care

My tried and true favorite shampoo and conditioner do come from Beautycounter, and like I have said, while you can purchase through me, it is like a normal retail website! I just use the regular shampoo and conditioner, and I love that even though they are ‘clean’ products, they still give a good lather! However, I have also tried and really like this shampoo and conditioner, that can be found at Target! The price point cannot be beat, and this entire line gets incredible scores for safety. While I mostly have discontinued my use of dry shampoo, the same brand makes this product, which is one of the only CLEAN dry shampoos I have found!


Hands down, my all time favorite natural deodorant for myself is Native. I have tried multiple brands, and none other compares! I like to purchase when they run sales and get the 3 pack, it is by far the most bang for your buck and the best deal!

Oral Care

This has been another challenging area for me. There are PLENTY of natural toothpastes out there, but I either have not liked the taste, or the texture, or both! Unfortunately, one of the biggest sacrifices with switched to natural toothpaste is usually the suds that you get from traditional versions. While I have not yet found a product that has me doing backflips in joy, the best option I have found so far has been this line. And, you can get it on Amazon! I have also tried the mouthwash and whitening trays, and really do like them all. I even got compliments on how white my teeth were after using them, so I knew they had worked!

Household Cleaning

Alright, I want to touch on household cleaning, because while these are not personal care products, they are used to clean surfaces and items we touch every. single. day. My tried and true Young Living product is Thieves Cleaner. It is all purpose, so I use it in my kitchen, bathrooms, walls, literally ANY SURFACE can be cleaned with this stuff. And it is safe, even if ingested (of course, that isn’t recommended!) However, while I love my essential oil orders, there are some items that we run out of and I cannot wait for. And there are some that I have found in stores that I actually like BETTER that score incredibly high for safety!

First and foremost, we kicked our bad laundry habits to the curb. It was actually one of the first ‘clean’ changes we made in our home. If there is one thing you toss after reading this post, please let it be dryer sheets! I won’t go into details here, but go and do some research on what is in them. I promise you will want them out of your house, and fast! You can replace them with wool dryer balls, they are great at keeping static at bay and softening your clothes. I personally always add a few drops of essential oils to mine to make this smell delicious! For laundry detergent, I was shocked to find that this product only scores a 3 on Think Dirty! It is incredibly affordable, and lasts forever!

Dish Soap

A product I tried to love but couldn’t from my essential oil line was dish soap. Again, if it doesn’t suds, it doesn’t fit the bill for me. Another find from Target that gets an incredible clean score and is priced the same as everything else on the shelf is this dish soap. Be sure it is the free and clear; there is a scented citrus version that is also marketed as clean but it scores much worse on Think Dirty. I always use the app in stores! Sometimes products that appear the exact same vary in safeness just because they are different scents!

I hope that this round up is helpful for you all! I am always here to answer questions on natural products! It can be overwhelming at first. But, once you start to ditch and switch you will never look back!

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