DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles

A few months ago, my baby sister had the most picture perfect New Year’s Eve wedding! It was bling, elegance, and fabulous. I am still swooning over how she tied together all of the sparkly details with soft rose gold. And the snowy backdrop was something out of a movie! If you read my post from last fall, I kept in line with the rose gold theme for her bachelorette party. One of my absolute favorite details was the ombre glitter champagne bottles I made. They were favors for all of the girls to bring home. My sister LOVED them, so I made her one to serve as a decoration on the head table at the wedding as well. They were super easy to make, so I thought I should share this easy DIY with you all!

ombre glitter champagne bottles

What You Will Need


1. Remove the label from your bottle. I took off as much as I could by hand, and then soaked the bottle in warm water for a few minutes. This softened what was left and it all came right off.

2. Mix your glitters. Depending on the color of your topper, you may or may not need silver glitter. For the ombre effect, start with your first color solid, then mix your second color and first color together. Bigger bottles will need more layers for a smoother ‘ombre’ effect. I believe I did five sections of glitter on my large bottles, and only four on my mini bottles.

ombre glitter champagne bottles

3. Using your foam brush, paint a straight line of decoupage on the top of your bottle where the seal meets the glass. Do not worry about getting it on the seal, it gets torn off anyway 🙂 Start with the color of glitter that matches the label first.

4. Continue with a line of decoupage and each progressive shade of glitter until you have done the entire bottle.
ombre glitter champagne bottles

You can see here I am three shades in. Silver, silver/gold mixed, and gold. I then mixed gold/pink, and ended with pink on the bottomombre glitter champagne bottles

5. Once you have all of the glitter on, LET IT DRY. I put mine on a paper plate and let it sit for 24 hours or so.

6. Once it has dried, you will need your foam brush and decoupage again. I put a LOT of decoupage on the brush, and the dabbed it all over my glitter champagne bottles until all of the glitter was covered. DO NOT swipe, as this can remove the glitter. Dabbing was a bit more time consuming, but it was the best way to ensure that all of the glitter was adequately covered without being removed. This last step is SUPER important. The top coat of decoupage seals in the glitter so the bottles don’t shed. Otherwise, you and your guests will have a glittery mess on your hands!

7. Let it sit another 24 hours to dry fully.

That is it! It is a bit time consuming, but incredibly easy to do! I also found that using a paper play for pouring the glitter was helpful, because I was able to fold it in half and pour almost all of it back into the containers to minimize waste 🙂

ombre glitter champagne bottles

These are the mini bottles that were given out at the bachelorette party!ombre glitter champagne bottles
We used some leftover btotles spread throughout the candy table at the wedding as well!

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