I am always surprised when I mention my height and people have no idea just how tall I am. At six feet, I tower above others most of the time. Trust me when I say, it has taken me YEARS to finally feel comfortable in my height, but I really have come to appreciate so much about it. With all of that being said, one of the biggest struggles of being tall is finding clothes that fit right. I have always said petite girls can get clothes hemmed, but adding length is pretty much impossible 😉 Thankfully, I have found what works best for me and decided it was time I share some fashion tips for tall girls!

  fashion tips for tall girls where to find tall clothes


Find Your Stores

One of my biggest fashion tips for tall girls is to find the stores that cater to you! We have come a LONG way since my teen years when they only place that sold jeans long enough was The Buckle. I loved their jeans, but I never was a fan of the price tag! Now, so many stores carry tall and extra long sizes online. I still shop in the regular section at places like Nordstrom and whenever I find an item I love, but for jeans and any of my everyday items, the stores below are where I do nearly all of my shopping!

  • Old Navy-I cannot, CANNOT sing enough praises about this store. They carry nearly every single item in tall sizing, and it has made a world of difference in my wardrobe. These pants are my go-to for work, and they have the best basic tops. All of their outerwear even comes in tall sizing, which is a total game changer. Tall girls everywhere understand the misery of having a jacket with sleeves that are too short. If you need just about any clothing item you can think of in tall, Old Navy is your store. To check out a sample haul from Old Navy, head here!
  • Gap-a sister store to Old Navy, and a bit higher in price, but great products. The most common item I buy from Gap is their dress pants and jeans, but I have some great dresses from there too. I always love getting dresses in tall and knowing I won’t have to struggle with them being too short!fashion-tips-for-tall-girls-white-dress-tall-grass-lily-jade-bag
  • American Eagle-this is where I buy my jeans the most! They come in short, regular, long, and extra long, and are priced so well. I also have found that I like the placement of the back pockets on these jeans the best, and they are ultimately the most figure flattering. This pair is my all time favorite, but they have SO many great washes, and they all come in extra long!


  • Loft-not all items are available in tall, but nearly all of their jeans and pants come in tall sizes. They have great items for wearing to the office!

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Little Heel

One of the biggest fashion tips for tall girls that I can give is to STOP BEING AFRAID OF HEELS. i am not saying to run out and buy all of the five inch stilettos, because if I am being honest, I never go above a three inch heel. However, for years I would wear nothing but flats. Even a 3/4 inch heel was enough to send me running. But guess what? Whether I am wearing flats or heels, people comment on my height. Once you enter tall girl territory, people notice no matter what, so why not own it? I love rocking booties to work, and a cute little heel just dresses up an outfit so much more than flats.

Again, no need to go crazy, but it took me a long time to realize that hey, I am already tall and people already notice. Why in the world should we deprive ourselves of cute shoes that make us feel good just because they add a little extra height!?


Jacket // Jeans (not tall, but run long!) // Booties

Read Reviews (And Don’t Be Afraid of Bad Ones!)

Okay, follow along with me for a second. Sometimes, an item has bad reviews because the quality just isn’t there. However, sometimes bad reviews are due to fit. And tall girls don’t need clothes that fit like everyone else. So, when I find an item where reviews say it is too long, I know it is likely a perfect fit for me. And item runs small, I know there is not a chance it will fit me. This really has helped me know when to not waste my time. I have found some items that aren’t labeled as ‘tall’ that fit me great thanks to reading the reviews!


This sweater has good reviews but runs large. So I knew it would work for me!


This top was not cropped on a lot of other bloggers, but it fit that way on me. I still was able to make it work, but based on reviews knew it would have to be styled differently to work!

Get Creative In Your Styling

I think every single tall girl has had to struggle with finding cute items that don’t fit right. Despite all of the stores that now cater to tall styles, a lot of them just don’t. A fashion tip for tall girls is to learn to get creative in how you wear something. If you find a dress you love that is just way too short, add a layering slip. Or, pair it with leggings and fancy booties to turn it into a fun tunic. If you love a sweater but the sleeves are clearly too short, cuff them and change up the look of the sweater! Not all pieces can be modified. But the image below shows an item that I wore much differently than it was designed. And it still looked super stylish and trendy!


This top is old but is from Pink Blush. I have found that many of their clothes run on the long/large end, making them perfect for us tall gals!


I hope these fashion tips for tall girls are helpful! It has taken me a long time to figure out how to dress my tall figure. I hope that these tips and tricks help you (or your daughter!) realize you can have a great wardrobe!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am tall too and I struggle to find pants that are long enough. Have you found any boot cut yoga pants that come in longs or run long? If so, please share where! 🙂

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