Friday Favorites: HUGE Beautycounter Sale!

Happy happy Friday everyone! We are so excited for this weekend, because we are headed back to the lake. I have always dreaded hot weather during the summer, as in anything over 80, don’t judge my Minnesotan self. However, now that we have a lake to go too, I have started getting excited when I see hot days on the calendar. There is just nothing better than hopping in the water when it is hot outside! But before we head to the lake, I had to stop by and share some of my favorites this week!

Beautycounter Sitewide Sale

You guys, this is truly a sale that has NEVER been done before. Beautycounter is not a company that is huge on promotions, so when they are offered, it is something to take advantage of. And now through August 13th, the entire website is 20% off with code LOVE(with just a few exclusions). And if you join as a Band of Beauty Member, you can actually stack the 20% off on top of your 15% product credit, which equals 35% savings! That is HUGE! If you have been curious about Beautycounter and debating trying out a few products, these are prices and deals you won’t see again anytime soon, so now is the time to take the plunge! There is NO RISK with Beautycounter; they have a no questions asked 60 day return policy. They even send a ready to go return label with your package that is prepaid, so there really is NO risk! Here are a few of my must have items:

Lily Jade Weekender Review

I have been talking about this bag for WEEKS, but I finally got around to writing a full review of it earlier this week! This bag is truly one of my favorites ever, it is so big, and you can bet it is back in action this weekend as we head to the lake!

Jackson’s Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

I had so much fun throwing together Jackson’s Ninja Turtle birthday party last week. We kept it super simple with food by honoring the ninja turtle’s favorite dinner of pizza delivery. I just love the age of four-my sweet boy gets SO excited over the smallest things, and thanked me about a hundred times for ‘letting him have a birthday’. Bless his precious heart, I love him so much! You can head here to read the full party recap!

The Best Dress

I posted to my Instagram this week my favorite dress, and I got so many comments from people that love or already own this dress! It comes in plenty of colors, and is flattering on everyone. I have really been working on continuing to minimize my closet and only buy items I know I will wear often and get lots of use out of. This dress is one of those items, hands down. It comes in a tank version as well as long sleeved, so it works pretty much year round!

Similar Jean Jacket // Dress // Shoes

Halloween Pajamas!

I know, I just talked about minimizing my closet; but I cannot and will not ever stop buying my boys festive pajamas. Some of my favorite things I have ever dressed them in are holiday pajamas, and as my sweet Jackson reaches the end of the toddler sizes, you better believe I am soaking up every last bit of putting him and Lincoln in matching jams. Naturally, I grabbed them these pajamas and this adorable option the second I saw them hit the shelves. I feel like Halloween ends up being a pretty ‘short’ season. We hold onto every last bit of summer, and then we spend September doing all of the FOOTBALL things in our home. Mike actually makes me decorate the mantel in Minnesota Vikings colors until October 1st, haha! So, we are already rocking our Halloween PJs and will continue to do so until November 1st. At that point it is ON with Christmas jammies 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, can you believe we are already halfway through August!? I am still emotionally scarred from the neverending winter of 2018, so I am soaking up every last warm, snow free day that the weather man hands us!

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