Personalized Books: Hooray Heroes For My Little Heroes

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There aren’t many areas of parenthood that I claim to be an expert. Mike and I both full time jobs, a lot of weeks end up being us operating in survival mode. Regardless of this, though, one thing I pride myself on as a mother is that we have avoided our children having tablets. Do we allow screen time? Sure! Do I offer up snacks as bribery so I can get dinner on the table when we scramble in the door at the end of a long week day? Guilty as charged. But for whatever reason, we just do not see the need for our children to have tablets. We have always tried to turn to books when they want to use their imaginations. Every day, I am amazed by how Jackson will repeat stories to me. He can recount every last detail back days after hearing a story. So, when I had the opportunity to create personalized story books with Hooray Heroes, I couldn’t get them ordered fast enough!

When Jackson Grows Up

Despite having two little boys, they could not be more different. I was so excited that when creating their personalized books, not only was I able to customize around their names, but also around their interests. In the book When Jackson Grows Up, you are able to select from a long list of future careers, from an astronaut, to a doctor, to a globetrotter! I had so much fun choosing what most reflects my boys, and they have books that are so uniquely created for them. Jackson loves seeing the different things he might be when he grows up. And nothing could be more perfect for Lincoln than dreaming of growing up to be a globetrotter or an inventor. He is our little handy man, after all!

Not only are these personalized books customized around your child, they also personalize for mom. Jackson has been SO excited when we read and we come across seeing MY name in his personalized story books!

Other Adventures With Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes has numerous options for personalized books. Jackson often battles fears at bedtime, and Good Night Boogeyman is great for calming him before going to sleep each night. Lincoln, on the other hand, is an excellent sleeper. However his binky, or ‘ni-ni’ as we affectionately call it, has become quite the crutch. It usually takes bribery to get it away from him. The book Bye Bye Binky is perfect for preparing him to start making a break from his paci.

Where to Find Hooray Heroes

For anyone looking to create their own personalized books, the can be found at Hooray Heroes online. Not only do they offer free shipping within the US, but I have teamed up with them to offer an extra 10% off for my readers with the code STANGANDCO10. Happy reading!


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