Friday Favorites: That Time It Wouldn’t Stop Snowing In April

You know the only thing worse than having to listen to me complain about the weather? Dealing with weather that you feel you cannot stop complaining about! I am being serious when I say this is the longest winter we have EVER had. We had high hopes of some days that would finally get up towards 50 degrees this week, but of course that did not happen, and there is now MORE snow in the forecast. We have thick skin in the Midwest, but even our cold blooded souls have a breaking point. And that point may just be when it officially feels like winter will never end. So once again, I spent this week shopping for warm weather goodies to carry me through. And treating myself to some pampering (and wine) for coping reasons 😉


1. Hunter X Target 

I have been wanting a pair of Hunter Boots for as long as I can remember. For whatever reason I am terrible at dressing for the weather. I was ‘that kid’ that walked into school as a teenager in nothing but a sweatshirt when it was below zero outside. And I may have just bought a pair of snow boots last year. So it really isn’t surprising that, despite living in a place with lots of slush, rain, and summer storms, I have never had a pair of rain boots. And tomorrow the Hunter collaboration at Target is finally going live!! They have clothing, bags, and of course, their infamous boots at a fraction of the price of what they normally cost. Their pre-sale for Red Card holders on select items sold out almost immediately last weekend, and I have a feeling the boots are going to be gone FAST. So if you have been wanting a pair of the hunters, grab your Red Card, set an alarm, and do some late night (or early morning) shopping!

2. DIY Sugar Scrub

Did you catch my post earlier this week featuring a quick and easy DIY sugar scrub? There are SO many ways to use essential oils, but this scrub is one of my go-to recipes that takes all of two minutes to pull together. The coconut oil is moisturizing, and it is the perfect way to treat yourself and feel pampered for a few minutes!

3. One Piece Suits

I shared in last week’s favorites a whole list of swimsuits that I am eyeing up. I pulled the trigger and purchased this one, and you guys, I LOVE IT. I haven’t worn a one piece swimsuit since early middle school, and I love that the cutouts on this one allow for still showing some skin, while also covering plenty. And as I mentioned before, I was able to order it in LONG, which is music to my tall girl ears. American Eagle has been offering free shipping and returns on swim (and it is all on sale!) so go try out a one piece and let me know what you think!

4. A Good Pair of Jeans

I grabbed the jeans that every blogger in the world seems to be talking about. And you guys; I am going to be somewhat vain here for just a second. I have had two babies in the past four years. I really never got my ‘body back’, especially after baby number two. But in these jeans, I don’t think my butt has ever looked better. There, I said it. I’m not even saying I have a good butt, but in these jeans, I freaking love my butt. I am now wondering why I am just trying out Levi’s, because if my butt looks and feels this good in all of their jeans, they may be the only ones I ever buy again. All of this being said, treat yourself to a pair, because there isn’t much better than feeling like a million bucks in a pair of jeans.

5. Party Planning

It is hard to believe, but my little guy is turning TWO in a matter of weeks! The birthdays seem to sneak up on us faster and faster every year. While it breaks my heart how quickly they grow, he is becoming so much fun. While he was a difficult baby, it has been amazing to see his strong personality continue through as he grows into a toddler. And while he is still plenty feisty and stubborn, he is just the funniest little man. I have his theme all picked out and just chose a cake and some goodies from Glitter Party Co. to help decorate. I have a feeling he is just going to die when he sees it all. He is at that age where he recognizes things and gets SO excited. We got a new truck last week and Mr. Linky may or may not become overjoyed every single morning when we step outside and he is reminded that it is in our garage 😉 If anyone has favorite places that are your go-to for party planning, please shoot them my way! I always love to connect with and support small shops!

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    cara zimmer
    April 13, 2018 at 6:14 am

    Yes, I’m with you on this crappy winter! We have a vball tournament tmrw and confirmation on Sunday, not sure that either will happen! Looks like maybe we won’t get quite as much as they first thought, ugh…

    Thanks for the heads up at Target! My girls will be so excited!

  • Reply
    April 13, 2018 at 9:13 am

    I know we’ve had a bad winter this year too but I feel so bad about your forecast. Like seriously, it’s not fair and I wish that storm would just blow out of the way. I love that one piece you found! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

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