Essential Oils: Easy DIY Sugar Scrub

When it is the middle of April and it feels like winter will never end, I reach for my essential oils. I love finding simple and easy ways to treat myself. I have made a lot of goodies to indulge, but one of the easiest and most simple things to whip up is this quick and easy DIY sugar scrub! It takes a matter of two or three minutes to mix together, and is perfect to throw in the shower or the bathtub on those days where your dry skin needs a little bit of TLC.

This scrub is also the perfect gift idea if you are ever hosting a shower or party as a door prize. You can double or triple the recipe below, and place small amounts into take home containers for your guests! To really spruce things up, add a few drops of food coloring to the oils (before mixing with the sugar) for an extra pretty treat!

What You Need for your DIY Sugar Scrub:

1/2 cup white sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil

10-15 drops essential oils


  1. Melt your coconut oil. As soon as it is melted, add essential oils. I used grapefruit and peppermint, so about 7 or so drops of each.
  2. Stir your oils into 1/2 cup of sugar. Place in a glass container with an airtight lid.

This scrub is seriously so easy to whip up, and I love to swap out the oils that I use dependingon my mood. Grapefruit and peppermint are perfect for getting up and going in the morning, and lavender is perfect for relaxing before bed! What oils would you most like to try when whipping up this DIY sugar scrub?

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