Friday Favorites: Woven Pillows and Tall One Pieces Swimsuits

Hey you guys! Coming to you from snow covered, freezing cold Minnesota once again 😉 So, I have been doing what any Midwesterner in denial does when winter won’t get lost, and that is shopping for all of the spring and summer things! I mean, tall one piece swimsuits are what dreams are made of when it is still getting down to zero degrees at night, and it’s April 😉  I stumbled across some amazing items this week, so keep reading to check them out!

1. Woven Pillows

I was in Target this week and stumbled across their new pillows, and they are perfection. I have seen very similar styles at more high end retailers for literally triple the price. I am a huge fan of the woven and macrame trends, so these are perfect. They come in a few colors, and of course I am dying over the pink! It comes in a long lumbar style too, I may have to grab one for the bedroom.

2. Eucalyptus Wreaths

I haven’t gotten TOO much into the farmhouse decor trend. I really like it, but it doesn’t always fit the style of our home as well as I would like. The one thing from this trend I just LOVE deep greens in the house, and I think this one would look perfect in our entry way. However, I am also really loving the simplicity of this one, and the oversized leaves of this one. Tell me, which one do you most prefer!?

3. Tall Swimsuits

If you have been around here for any time at all, you likely have an idea that I am pretty tall. Which makes shopping for certain items a little challenging. With the new trend of one piece swimsuits, I have honestly been kind of bummed because trust me, if there is anything worse than being over exposed in a bikini, it is wearing a one piece that isn’t long enough! I almost cried tears of joy when I saw this option at Target. And I quickly discovered American Eagle has a whole selection of long swimsuit options. And HELLO to this sexy yellow one piece! I never thought I would be this excited about one piece swimsuits, but the trend came at the perfect time in life for me. I just can’t wait to swim with my boys this summer (we are hoping to put up a seasonal pool!) and not worry about being over exposed.

4. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Obviously part of getting ready for swimsuit season is working on that winter body. And a long winter has meant more nights of cuddling on the couch eating chocolate than I care to admit. I have really been dedicated to cleaning up what I am eating lately, and loved these roasted sweet potatoes that I shared the recipe for earlier this week.

5. My Fitness Pal App

While we are on the subject of healthy eating, I started tracking my food intake this week in the My Fitness Pal app. And I am literally kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I have heard more than once that tracking your food intake can really be an eye opener, and maybe that is why I have avoided doing it. But oh my gosh, it has given me so much insight in just a few days to my eating habits. I learned very quickly that I am consuming nearly all of my excess calories in the evenings. There really is not much that I could do to clean up my daytime routine (aside from maybe treating myself to Chick Fil A for lunch a little bit less). It has been so helpful to be able to pinpoint where in the day I need to be more aware of what I am taking in. And while it seems silly, I resisted having a second cookie the other night because I knew how many calories were in the first one. Having that second calorie would put me over my ‘goal’ for the day, and that was enough to give me the will power to say no. If you are looking for a way to just be more aware of your diet and where your opportunities to improve are, this app is easy to use, so helpful, and best of all, FREE!

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