How To Use Remote Shooting To Take DSLR Photos From Your Phone!

In this post I am here to teach you about remote shooting with the Canon Camera Connect app. Please note that this app works with Canon cameras, so I cannot speak to similar features on cameras produced by other brands!

This past year, I discovered the magic of DSLR cameras. My sister has one that she let me borrow, and over time I figured out all of the settings. I remember being so blown away the first time I took photos and was able to achieve the coveted blurry background. I pulled the trigger about six months in on a 50mm lens, and I have never looked back. That thing was worth every last penny. There was one thing that her camera is missing though, which is the fact that it is not a wifi camera. Every time I wanted to upload photos, it became a lengthy process of transferring them to my computer. And I am a busy mom, so who has time for that!?

Discovering Remote Shooting

I have always known that I eventually needed to give the camera back to my sister, so my parents gifted a new one to Mike and I for Christmas this past year. My biggest request was that my new camera have wifi. I received the Canon T6, and it shoots and works beautifully. Once I figured out how to get photos uploaded directly to my phone, I was hooked. I installed the Canon Camera Connect app, and immediately fell in love with the ease of taking photos and having them at my hands within minutes. Three months later though, I figured out the most incredible feature that I didn’t realize I had right at my fingertips. Any Canon camera equipped with wifi can be connected to the Canon Camera Connect app and you can shoot photos through the control of your phone! Let me tell you right now that remote shooting is a total game changer!

To some, this may not seem like much. But as a blogger, sometimes I need photos and I do not have someone available to shoot for me. And with a DSLR camera, even if the photographer sets up a camera on a tripod, if you do not have an object for it to focus on. The photographer will more than likely set a timer, run to be in the photo, and find that it is all sorts of blurry. NOT FUN. Using the app for remote shooting has become a lifesaver, and not just for blogging. This is handy for family photos, or if the camera is set up on the tripod but I need to be able to walk away to see where we should be to get the best shot. Say goodbye to the days of setting a timer, running to be in a photo, and crossing your fingers it turns out!

Steps to Remote Shooting Photos With Your Phone

Download the Canon Camera Connect App

Turn on your camera’s wifi

On my camera, this is achieved by pressing the ‘menu’ button, and then ‘wi-fi function’. 

Choose connect to smartphone

Go into cell phone settings to connect to your camera’s wifi network.

It will appear as a new network that is set up through your camera. Mine is something along the lines of ‘Mackensey’s Canon’ but it only appears once I have turned the wifi settings on in my camera.

Open the Canon Camera Connect App

Once you get into the app, you will see a screen that has a few options.

One is to view images on the camera. This is where you can look through photos and choose to download directly to your phone. The other option you will see is remote live view shooting. This is the box you will tap to go into remote shooting.

Start taking photos!

At this point you are ready to start remote shooting.  The camera will turn over control to your phone at this point, and you will be able to control everything. You can adjust the F-stop, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed right on your phone. In this photo, the camera is set up behind me but I am taking the photo from my phone. By tapping the screen, the operator can change the focal point. As you can see above, the photo is focused on the phone and as a result my body is blurred. Tapping the item you want to be in focus will adjust this, right from your phone.

Press the white dot on the screen to take your photos!

If you want to have the timer go to allow yourself time to get your phone out of view, you can set your camera to its timer setting before setting up phone control. And it is that simple! 

Below is a photoshoot I recently did with Jackson for a project I was working on. This photo would have NEVER happened with the clarity and quality pictured by using a manual timer! My phone is off to the side below my left hand, but because the camera view is shown right on my phone screen, I know that it was out of sight!

If you are in the market for a new camera, I 100% recommend getting one enabled with wifi. I cannot speak for other brands, but the Canon Camera Connect app is reason enough for me to recommend going with one of their cameras! It is truly some of the most amazing and easy technology for any skill level to use!

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    March 27, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Having a camera with wifi is a must! My older dslr didn’t have it but I did have a wifi sd card. The canon app is such a lifesaver though and this is a great tutorial! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

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