Surviving Toddler Life On The Go-What’s In My Bag

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We are getting dangerously close to that sweet spot with our kids. If you are a mom of young ones, you know what I am talking about. That stage where you can leave the house without double checking you have your arsenal of three bags, two outfit changes, bottles to make sure baby doesn’t miss any feedings, and enough diapers to last you through the apocalypse, just in case. 
Slowly as your babies become toddlers, leaving the house becomes a little bit easier, a little bit less scary, and forgetting something becomes a bit less earth shattering. When I first had Lincoln, Jackson was only 21 months old, old enough to walk (or run away), but not old enough to be trusted if I set him down to tend to his baby brother for even a second. I remember braving the grocery store by myself on maternity leave, with a baby carrier in one arm and another who was still very much my baby on my hip. Looking back, I still get anxiety thinking about it. I love having kids so close in age, but man, were those first few months hard.
Now, 18 months into this life with two kids gig, things look pretty different. Jackson can get down from the car by himself, and listens when I tell him to put his hand on the car while I get out his brother. Lincoln eats on a schedule with the rest of us, so bottles are out and I don’t have to worry about pumping and keeping his packed milk cold (all the praise hands to that one). We still have our challenges, because Lincoln most definitely likes his freedom and often equates being placed in the front seat of the cart to a death sentence. Even so, outings with our family are becoming a bit less stressful and daunting with every passing day.
One of the best parts of transitioning from the baby stage to the toddler stage has been being able to ditch the extra diaper bag and just carrying one item for our belongings. Diaper bags are great, but two straps across each of my shoulders got really old, really fast. I have been able to go down to using just one bag now, but of course I still cannot leave home without at least a few items for my little guys! This is where my Fawn Design bag is a lifesaver. It has all of the storage needs of a diaper bag, but looks and feels like a purse. I can carry it into work feeling confident and stylish (because hello, it is blush pink and it is gorgeous), and I also know when my boys are with me I am able to carry everything I need. Keep reading for some tips on how I stock my Fawn bag to handle anything life as a toddler mom may throw my way.

1. Diapers. Probably the most obvious, but while we are down to one in diapers, we still definitely need these on the go. I only keep 2-3 on hand, unless we have a full day outing planned, because we are luckily well beyond the stage of blowouts and leaks.
2. Spare clothing. We have swapped out the backup diapers with a pair or two of spiderman undies 😉 My boys are also bookends to the size 3T currently, so I like to keep a pair of pants and a top in that size on hand. In a pinch, it is a little big on Lincoln and a little small on Jackson, but if a quick outfit change is in order, it does the trick for both of them and eliminates the bulk and space that would be consumed by two outfit changes.
3. Wipes. For diaper changes. For juice dumped on the seat. For chocolate covered faces after I let the kids get a treat in the store. Just say yes to diaper wipes, always.
4. Seedlings diaper cream. We don’t see diaper rashes often anymore, but I can tell you that every time I have gone somewhere without this stuff, is when we end up having a rash happen. I love that the seedlings line is all natural, safe, and smells so good compared to most other diaper creams.
5. Snacks. Are you even a mom if you don’t have an arsenal of quick and easy snacks on hand at all times? We love to have granola bars and fruit snacks. These bars are small, and solid enough that they are less prone to getting smashed in the bag.
6. Water bottle (for each!) Toddlers don’t like to share. I am reminded of this every. single. day. Packing one water bottle for them to share is possible one of the worst ideas I have ever had. Just make sure you have hydration for each kid (and stick to the same color and style, or they will fight over that too. Or is that just my kids?)
7. Roller Blends. I used my essential oils to make these and I have a happy blend for myself (seriously smells like a vacation) and a calming blend for the boys that I will put on our wrists or the back of our necks if things ever get tricky when we are out and about. These are amazing for helping everyone (mommy included) calm down if we have a shopping trip that isn’t particularly successful.
8. A Spare Lovey. We have been working to cut back on the pacifier for Lincoln, but trust me when I saw that a baby can (and will) throw away their pacifier off the side of the cart when you are absolutely not paying attention. If we are pushing nap time, the car ride home without a lovey is just a BAD idea. I always try to have a space on hand so when things get sticky I have that comfort item to calm my little guy down.
9. A Book. Our boys are pretty beyond the stage of needing chewing toys, rattles, etc., but it is still nice to have something on hand to keep them entertained. I love to throw a book into our bag so they have something to look at in the car if they start getting restless.
10. My wallet. For obvious reasons, when we are out and about I need my wallet, always. I have been looking to downsize to something more compact, so feel free to share your suggestions!
11. A ‘Mommy Pouch’. Not many things can cause of feeling of panic to set in quite like realizing I am out and about without something to put on my lips if they get dry. I leave a chapstick and a lipgloss in my bag at all times so I am never caught in a bind! In here I also throw a stain stick, medicine, and any other odd and end personal items for myself.
What are some of your mus have items for being on the go with toddlers? Life gets easier, but it certainly doesn’t slow down, so I try my best to always be as prepared as possible!

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    Beautifully Candid
    January 16, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    It's so true, things do get a bit easier as they get old and those first few months were so hard. I love the color of this bag!! After using a backpack type bag when we are out, I don't think I can switch back to carrying my purse around when I'm with the boys. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

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