Simple Ways To Update Your Master Bedroom

For the first time in my life, living in our new home has empowered me to finally decorate and create my own spaces. When I started dating Michael, he already had his own home which I gradually moved into, and despite living there for over eight years, it was always treated as the ‘temporary’ home until we moved into our forever home. And, as such, we did very little decorating. We had basics, but rather than collect items that may or may not work in a new space, we waited until we had our new home to buy new furniture, new décor, everything. We really started from scratch; the only furniture we brought to our new home was from the nursery!
Stained trim is very much the norm in Minnesota, so we have dark oak throughout our home. While I love white and wainscoting, it simply isn’t done much around here. However, in building we decided to ‘break the budget’ and not make any sacrifices when it came to our master bedroom/bathroom. While I almost backed out at one point because I was trying to save every last penny I could, my husband told me to do what I wanted, and so while the rest of our house is warm neutrals, I was able to have a master suite with whites and grays. I every day I am so happy we made that choice.
After years of having bright, colorful bedroom sets, I was so excited to create a space that was all my preferences. It is the least kid friendly area of our house in terms of staining and keeping things clean, but it is also our space and I love it. It was a new experience for me decorating a master suite and creating a space that was unique to my style, but I have had a blast doing it. There are four key aspects I kept in mind when planning our room that are great basic concepts when planning a new master suite.
Find the perfect comforter
What I consider one of the most important aspects of a master suite is the comforter. The entire room really will reflect around this piece. I went against everything a mother of young children should do recently and I treated myself to a white comforter. And I could not be more obsessed! When we moved in I initially had this comforter in dark gray, and while I really did love it, the room ended up feeling a bit darker than I wanted. I am shocked by how much switching from a darker to lighter piece on the bed brightened up the space.

Window Fixings
I was incredibly particular about what we put on the windows in our room. We aren’t the biggest fans of blinds, but I also know that many drapes are quite sheer and see-through. During those long summer days, we want to block out the sun at 4am as much as possible! On our side window, I find a very light gray blackout shade, that we leave tied up most of the time but can drop for extra privacy or darkness. On our main windows, I knew I wanted blackout drapes but also needed something that was light and airy, and when I found these with the sheer panel on front, I knew I had to have them! I have gotten so many compliments on them; they really add a special touch that makes the space feel almost ethereal and dreamy.

Wall Décor
I am a believer that in a home, the walls fill up over time. You come across pieces that make sense, or hang a new family photo, and those bare walls quickly fill with memories and character. So while I have not rushed to get things hung up, our room definitely needed something above the headboard. I had followed Dear Lily Mae for quite awhile, and she was able to create a custom canvas for me with the phrase Always and Forever. I actually narrowed down options and allowed Michael to make the final selection, which made the piece extra special to me. I also love that, while adding character to the space, it still remains neutral and simple to go with my monochromatic color scheme!

Add A Pop Of Color
I think this is the final piece that can really take your room from simple to unique. Adding a pop of color, especially when you stick to the same color family within a space, really brights things to life! I have always loved yellow; not just yellow in general, but bright, almost pastel, sunshine yellow. I found my pillows (similar here and here) before even moving into our home and they were the perfect additions to our throw pillows. I also grabbed lamps for our end tables in the same shade of yellow at Hobby Lobby (similar styles here and here). While I am so in love with my white room, I am just a little bit more in love with how much the sunshine yellow brings the space to life!

What are some of your favorite ways to recreate a space and make it feel like new?
*This post is written in collaboration with Lush Décor. As always, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.
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    Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld
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    Okay so this comforter is to die for!! I've been itching to get a new one for our bedroom but I'm soooo picky. This one is absolute perfection.

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    November 20, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Lindsay, we are offering 30% off our new arrivals, and this qualifies. If you order from you can use coupon code NEW30 for those savings. Or wait until Cyber Monday and it will qualify for even bigger savings, 50% off your entire order Cyber Monday only.

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