A Little Bit Of Life Lately

Well, I continue to fall off of the bandwagon with blogging. Woops. To be honest, I have really lacked motivation to sit down and write. So often, ideas and motivation come to me, and I find myself writing a post without feeling like I have to. But lately, that just hasn’t been happening for me. So often I find myself missing this little space and the awesome connections I have made through it, yet I also just can’t bring myself to write if the words aren’t flowing. So, instead of staring at a blank computer screen willing the words to come, I have been playing with the boys after dinner, watching my favorite fall TV shows that are finally back on (AMEN!), and spending lots of time in the kitchen on the weekends with the windows open, soaking up the beauty that is fall in Minnesota. Blogging is important to me; it has been the most incredible outlet, it has introduced me to so many amazing mothers from around the country who have become a real life support system for me, and it has been the creative outlet I need to feel like I am doing something for myself. But that is what this space is, something for myself. And so, if there is one thing I could freely spend all day talking (or typing) about, it is my sweet family which inspired this whole space from the beginning, so a life lately post is what we are going to end up with here!
I keep thinking the stages my boys in are so much fun, but I don’t know if I could have anticipated just how sweet having two silly toddlers truly is. Jackson continues to talk up a storm, and has so many opinions lately. He loves to tell jokes, and will always tell me ‘mommy, that’s too silly’. Both of our boys are absolutely obsessed with the movie Moana lately-I have no idea how we just viewed it for the first time in the past few weeks, because the music is so amazing I listen to it even when the boys aren’t around 😉 When Maui’s song comes on, both Jackson and Lincoln get up and dance like fools. Lincoln is so darn precious, and he will spin around in very large, wobbly circles, and is so proud of himself. Those boys so often make me catch my breath because I am so overcome by their sweetness. Of course, they have plenty of salty moments too!
We got a bObi robotic vacuum this summer, and it has been one of the best additions to our home ever. I have it programmed to run mid morning during the weekdays, so I make it a point to clean up the living room and kitchen floors of all of the boys’ toys, and come home to freshly vacuumed floors. It even knows how to find its way home, so it goes right back to its docking station to charge for the next day! Of course, after overcoming their initial fear of the thing, both of my boys basically consider bObi to be our family pet, and treat it as such. Lincoln has figured out how to turn it on, and we have now been forced to place our little bObi up and out of reach because Lincoln will abuse the darn thing all evening if we let him. In fact, he has received his first time outs due to his abuse of the bObi, and this has also resulted in some of his first full blown tantrums. We are talking arched back, hands in the air, rolling around on the floor as if the world is ending tantrums. And we aren’t even halfway to year two yet; Lord help us!
Jackson is all about anything festive, and it has been so fun to whip out all of the pumpkins and fall décor and watch him get so excited about it. His favorite piece of clothing (today, at least), is without question his ghost shirt. I got one for both him and Lincoln and I have had to do emergency loads of laundry because he wants to wear it every. single. day. While it may not be good for the wear and tear of our washing machine, I just absolutely love having the opportunity to see all of the little joys in life through the eyes of a child. They truly bring the magic back into everything. It’s so true when people say the only thing better than holidays AS a child are holidays WITH a child.
So that is life lately. Lots of lazy days, lots of snuggles, and lots of pumpkins 😉 Thank you to everyone who continues to follow along, you keep me coming back to this precious little corner of the world!

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    Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld
    October 4, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    Our kids have been obsessed with Moana for almost a year now and B and I are so sick of it! Lol. I can sing "You're Welcome" in my sleep! Lol.

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    Sparkles and Lattes
    October 5, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    I love how different your boys hair is. The curls. Wow. My girls and I just discovered Moana a couple months ago. I LOVED it. I love that you are spending time with your family and soaking in all the moments. BLogging is fun and important but family is even more so!

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    Perfectly Port
    October 9, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Your sweeties are too cute and I think we can all relate to your thoughts on blogging. Enjoy popping by and seeing what's going on in your neck of the woods. Somehow, I missed you are just north of us. We are in Iowa but our family lives in MN! xoxo ERIN

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