Wildflowers and Ruffles

If you haven’t heard me repeat myself before (because I have literally been saying it on repeat), I am OBSESSED with the wildflowers in our backyard. We live on about 4 and a half acres, and while we have some trees on the perimeter, it really was a field of wildflowers before we set in and started building/landscaping. As of now, we have about one acre that is actually our useable yard, and the rest is still just doing its natural thing. While it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, I look out at the gorgeous wildflowers most day and just feel so grateful that this place is ours!
We have continued plans for this yard. We put in a patio this summer, and next year are planning an above ground pool, and if not next year then soon we will also be doing a fire pit down closer to our pond. I know as these projects happen, we will trim down more and more of our yard. I am excited about this, because we bought this land so we could use it, and as pretty as they may be to look at, you really cannot run and play where the wildflowers are. It is fun to know that our landscape is going to progressively change, especially over the next five years or so, but it is kind of bittersweet, because I really am loving it just as it is right now.

I suppose my love of wildflowers and soft, pretty things makes it easy to understand why I was immediately drawn to this neutral peplum ruffle top. There are so many tiny details that make this top so unique; the bottom chiffon layer to the ruffles, the raw edge neckline, and the lace detailing where the peplum begins. It is roomy, so I suggest sizing down! I paired these with my new favorite colored Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy, but this top is such a neutral color that it would go with absolutely anything! It happened to be chilly the day I wore this top, and it pairs perfectly under a white jean jacket!

Can you all believe it is already September? My mantle is decked out and ready for fall (however my hubby already requested I put the pumpkins away and dedicate the month of September every year to VIKINGS themed décor for football season.) I’m soaking in every last day of these pretty flowers before they turn over and winter is upon us!
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