Friday Favorites-Labor Day Weekend

You guys, today is about as good as a Friday gets, because it is September, and September means FALL. Give me all of the apple spice, pumpkin, and cozy sweaters please! The best four months of year is officially here! Today is an extra happy Friday in our house, because all four of us are off to enjoy a nice, long four day weekend as a family. We don’t take too many days off at this stage, (because bye bye PTO when one kid gets sick), so when we do get some extra days to savor as a family, I soak it all in. We don’t have anything big on the calendar either, which is kind of amazing. I am so excited for a nice, low-key weekend with my boys!

1. New Crib Sheets

Here is a fun confession: I have been using the same crib sheets since Jackson was born! Yikes. Both boys have had navy and gray in their rooms, so it has just made sense for them in both spaces. But they were definitely starting to look old, so I was super excited to find these adorable pebble sheets! They look SO adorable in Lincoln’s nursery, and bring such a fun touch that has been missing. And is there anything sweeter than a sleeping babe? I think not! This shop has the most precious little girl options too; it is all just adorable!


2. Flipside Prints
Okay, my boys are seriously OBSESSED with these. They are double sided wall art that has a magnetic strip in the top. You secure the band to the wall, and then can flip the images back and forth to change which side is displayed! I obviously went with the dinosaurs, because #boymom, and my kids, including the littlest guy, get SO excited when I lift them up and let them change them. Jackson has been loving The Land Before Time lately, and so he loves to ask for Sarah, Little Foot, and Peetrie all of the time!


3. Old Navy Pants
I decided it was time to invest in some new work pants, because a lot of mine are older, meaning boot cut (which doesn’t work with boots on those never ending winter days!) and just frayed and torn at the bottom. Old Navy had a great sale last week, so I scooped up this pair of Rockstar sateen jeans, and then a classic black pair of the Pixie pants. I remember shopping for work pants at ON five years ago, and thinking their stuff was just not good quality at all. They have stepped up their game SO much in the past few years-their Pixie pants are seriously my go-to for work!
4. Suede Jacket
While browsing Old Navy (I really do have a problem), I saw this jacket and my jaw just about hit the floor. I have been talking about how they have stepped up their game, and this jacket seriously looks like something that you would find in a high end retailer. I NEED it in this pretty tan color-how perfect is this for fall!? I am loving this sweater option of the same style, too. Just make me buy all of the things, Old Navy.
5. Reeses Pieces
Okay, this is nothing ground breaking, and it is hardly healthy. But sometimes I just love when you find an old favorite in the grocery store. There was a sale, so I grabbed a few different kinds of cereal, and you would have thought I told Jackson I was taking him to Disney World when I told him that I had gotten him some new snacks. Both boys are pretty obsessed with this cereal this week. I absolutely adore how excited he gets over something like cereal. He always thanks me and says ‘oh me wike it!’ when I show him something new. I am kind of loving having a three year old; you think they can’t get sweeter than they were as a baby, but then they start talking and telling you their thoughts, and your heart turns right into a puddle.

I hope you all have the BEST Labor day weekend, and happy FALL Y’ALL!

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    Laura at Fantastically Four
    September 1, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Awww, love your thoughts about having a three-year-old. Those flipside prints look like so much fun! Have a great weekend!

  • Reply
    Life as the Mrs.
    September 1, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans are my jam! They really do have great jeans (with a little stretch, thank you Jesus) at great prices and in great colors!

  • Reply
    A Gal Named Al
    September 1, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Lincoln's nursery looks so cozy! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

  • Reply
    Sparkles and Lattes
    September 1, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Those look like the comfiest crib sheets. I will check them out for my girls. And I am definitely checking out that suede jacket. So cute.

  • Reply
    Kasey Holloway
    September 1, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    I love the crib sheets! They look so cute for pictures too!

  • Reply
    Tractors and Glam Blog
    September 1, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    ON is seriously my favorite place to shop. I LOVE their stuff and their pixie pants are where it's at. I also love their jeans and their harper pants as well. Who am I kidding? I LOVE it all! I hope you have a great four day weekend with your peeps!

  • Reply
    Erin Roberts
    September 2, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    I love those crib sheets!! They are adorable! I got a couple pairs of Old Navy pants the other week and so far I'm loving them! I got a few pairs a few years back and hated them, they got saggy so fast. I'm so glad I decided to give their pants another try! I hope you have a wonderful, long weekend!

  • Reply
    Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too
    September 5, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    I hope you had a great weekend! XOXO Those sheets are adorable!

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