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Whew. You guys. I am still here!! I swear I have weeks where I get back in somewhat of a groove with blogging, but then I fall right back off. I blame summer. And parenthood. And lots of time spent playing outside. And to be honest, I’m not one bit sorry about that. I love this little space, so much. But I remember when I first started out, and ladies would take a summer hiatus, or would announce they were leaving for a bit, and I always wondered why. But sometimes, the writing just doesn’t come. I haven’t had any AHA moments that left me feeling inspired to share a story. I have some fun progress around the house and updates on the boys that I want to share, but I just haven’t been able to sit down and get it done. Sometimes we all just need a breather. But one thing I can always do, is ramble. Oh can I ramble. So, if you want to hear the random scatterings that run through my head on the daily, grab your morning cup of coffee, and read on!

If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that this summer has been SO BUSY. Owning a house and putting time and effort into it is seriously a full time job. Owning nearly five acres pretty much is a full time job. My husband is out and about doing odd and end things pretty much every evening after work. I am learning quickly that, in a house, the work never really ends.

Our biggest project of the summer is completed, and we finally have a patio in our backyard! Having that big huge yard but nowhere functional out back to set things was getting to be frustrating and, frankly, kind of sad. I get giddy every time I look out the kitchen window and see our pretty new spot. And to open that door right off the dining room table and be able to walk right out onto the patio..I am in heaven. We are doing a happy dance because we will finally be able to leave our grill outside and start eating al fresco with the kiddos!

I already mentioned this above, but my writers block this summer has been bad. The words just aren’t flowing. I feel like I am not the only one thinking this way, because I have seen LOTS of you out there mention the summer slump. I promise myself repeatedly that I won’t write content that doesn’t feel genuine, but at the same time, leaving this place silent for too long starts to feel like I am giving it up, which I most definitely am not. Sigh.

I know part of the summer slump has been the fact that we have so much else going on. We have really just been living and enjoying life this summer. Saturdays spent playing in the pool and hanging out with family. Watching our boys grow and learn and play. Welcoming a new niece and nephew. My brother getting married. Real life has been so exciting, even though Stang&Co has not!

Speaking of my brother’s wedding, he gets married this Saturday. I knew with them only having a four month engagement it would go quickly, but I still cannot believe the day is already here! I just love my soon to be sister in law, and the precious couple that the two of them are. This is the first big family wedding besides my own, and I’m already pretty sure I will need all of the tissues!

Jackson turns three next week. THREE. I do not even have words to describe how I feel about this. He has so quickly lost all that was still baby about him and is a full fledged little boy. While my heart breaks over this, I also melt every time he tells me a story in his sweet little voice. He will recount his day to me on the drive home from daycare, and I find myself in disbelief that this little person that I created such a short time ago is telling me all about his life. Motherhood is such an amazing thing.

I seem to just be heading down the emotional path here, so I think this is a good place to stop 😉 For all of those who are still following along, thank you! This place continues to be an outlet for me, and houses so many special memories that I treasure being able to look back on. I know I will continue writing for that exact reason, so between a wedding and birthday festivities, know you will surely be seeing me around a bit more soon! 🙂

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    Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld
    July 27, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Owning a house is no joke, girl. No joke. It seems like there's always something that needs to be done. Poor B is constantly struggling to find the time to mow. Last night he went straight out after dinner, mowed the front and like three feet deep in the back, and then he had to stop because Olivia had to go to bed and she's afraid of the mower sound. Lol. And now we're busy for the next week so by the time he finally finds the time to finish the back, the front is going to need mowing again. It's a vicious cycle. Lol.

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    Beautifully Candid
    July 27, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Blogging breaks are so needed sometimes. I feel you on the house work never ending. Sometimes I feel like when I come home from my day job, I'm stating my night shift at home just trying to get it all done. I didn't realize we both had August babies…little nugget is going to be two in two weeks and I'm over here in denial 🙁 Beautifully Candid

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    A Gal Named Al
    July 28, 2017 at 2:00 am

    Have so much fun at the wedding! It'll be great to celebrate with your family!

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