Phone Flair and Mommy Brain

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Time for a fun little story. For those of you that have followed along with me for awhile you may remember me sharing this last fall. Shortly after moving into our new house, I was doing a load of laundry and threw in the sheets from our bed. After starting it and walking away, I went to find my phone. And didn’t see it anywhere. I searched high and low, you guys. In the living room, in the bedroom, under my kid’s beds. And then my heart sank. I searched the last place it could possibly be, hoping and praying it wasn’t there. But it was. There she sat, my pretty iPhone 6s. In a pool of water in the washing machine. I frantically pulled it out, dried it as best as I could, and immediately tried out the bag of rice trick. And, much to my dismay. Nothing worked. My phone was done.
Luckily, I had my old iPhone on hand, and was able to switch my account back over and start using that one right away. While I could have gone in for an upgrade, I just couldn’t stomach paying off the remaining balance of a phone I wasn’t even going to use anymore, just to pick up payments for a new one. So, I committed and have been using a very old phone, with very little storage available, for nearly a year.
While the phone has been driving me crazy, I am glad I stuck to using the old phone until I am eligible for a new one! Of course, getting a pretty new phone case or two is helping to hold me over, too 😉 Sometimes, you see a case and the words just speak to you, am I right? Coffee and mascara are kind of my love language. This case is so much fun and I love pulling it out!

I also knew the second I saw this marbled case that I had to have it. My phone may be old, but this case spruced it right up so much that I almost don’t mind that I am constantly having to delete apps just to make room for pictures. Almost. I love having a few different options to switch out with, too. Does anyone else get bored and always want a new phone case!?  

CaseApp also allows you to customize your iPhone case! You can upload your own files, texts, and graphics. I thought this one appropriately summed up my life 😉 You can also create laptop skins, which are so much fun! I have seen people make darling photo collages of their families and friends. I am thinking I need one for myself!
With code STANGANDCO20, you can save 20% off on your phone case or laptop skin. What designs are your favorite? I would love to hear!

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