Family Photos 2016

After trying to do it ourselves, last minute cancellations, and finally getting things together, we have our family photos! Truth be told, I decided to be frugal and wanted to just snap some pictures for the Christmas card on our own this year. And about two seconds into having my brother in law attempt to capture us with two squirmy little boys, my husband actually put in the request that I call our tried and true photographer, Amanda. And I was happy to oblige. While photos can always seem so daunting, and are becoming increasingly difficult as time moves forward, I am always so overwhelmingly thankful to have these precious times in our lives captured in beautiful candids. We actually took these right out in our new development, which made grabbing snacks and cleaning up puked on baby clothes mid-session much easier 😉 I am so in love with our new home, and love that we were able to capture so many fun shots right in our own living room and back yard!

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