Lincoln: 5 Months

This little turkey is five months old! And getting busier by the minute. While I wouldn’t say he is any less demanding, he is certainly becoming fun entertainment and one smiley little guy. His baby babbles are coming out in full force, and slowly but surely him and his big brother are starting to become buddies! He has grown so much in this past month, I can’t wait to see what month six has in store for us!
Wearing his jersey for his 5 month update, in honor of the Vikes going 5-0 yesterday!!

Age: Five months
Height: 28.5 inches. Still growing, still off the charts. Still huge.
Weight: 22 pounds. Again, off the charts. This boy is tall, sturdy, and soo very squishy.
Milestones: He has started rolling over from back to front! He was getting over like 90% of the way and was just stuck on his shoulder, and he was starting to get so frustrated by this. As of last weekend, he has officially started to make it all the way over, which definitely had his mama doing some cheers for him! He has started eating solids, too! In fact, he is up to eating twice a day already, because this guy gets HANGRY and so very excited when he sees food.
He is getting very good at grabbing onto things, and reaches for things that he wants. Rolling over has really helped with this, as he can now reach for things that aren’t quite in reach by flipping onto his side or belly. He is SO observant, and has also discovered his reflection. He loves to flirt with himself, and he is his favorite comedian because he giggles like crazy when he watches videos of himself.
Sleep: Still terrible. The best night this month was when he made it until 2am, and then slept after that until 5am. It is pretty typical to be up around midnight, then 2ish, then 4ish. With that being said, it is not uncommon for him to fall back asleep, and this past weekend he slept in until 9am, and only woke up because his big brother broke into the room and started making noise. I keep reminding myself that they DO eventually sleep. Of course, I am still waiting for sleep to not be something we battle with his brother who is two years older..they do sleep eventually, RIGHT!?!?!?
Best Moments: He is just oh so sweet, and loves to giggle, coo, and gurgle, especially before bedtime when you can tell he is getting sleepy. It is the most precious thing to listen to, the kind of sounds you just want to bottle up and keep with you forever. Watching him learn to eat has been fun, too!
He has really taken to his jumparoo and is becoming more content to lay on the floor (when his mood is right) so for mom and dad it has been a GREAT moment to be able to do a few other things besides holding him.
The absolute BEST moment this month, though, came last weekend. This little guy is NOT a snuggler. He likes to be bounced and held when falling asleep, but even then he often would rather do a bit of fussing and put himself to sleep. However, early on Saturday morning we were up and I had the baby channel on, and he sat on my lap, little head against my chest, just content watching TV. If it is any indication of his temperament, I truly think that was the first time my baby has cuddled with me without it being for food or sleep. I sat there, closed my eyes, kissed his little cheeks, and just soaked up every second of it. I am not holding out hope for him to ever be super snuggly, but I am hoping moments like this become more frequent as he grows.
Worst Moments: Just sleep. What is sleep. Someone hold me, or hold Lincoln while I sleep. The end. We tried moving him into his crib for a few days, but I was making my way upstairs at least two times a night, and every time resulted in him ending up in our bed anyway. So, for the sake of my brain cells and being able to function as a normal human being, he is back in our room, in the bassinet he is quickly outgrowing, where I can scoop him up and nurse him in bed while I fall back asleep. There’s always next month!
Health: He is a healthy little guy. He seems to have gotten a touch of the cold that mom and big brother have been sharing, but overall we have been blessed with another healthy baby. He has had plugged tear ducts since birth, and while they still give him grief, they do seem to be clearing up so hopefully the eye ‘gunk’ will be gone soon! There is definitely an improvement in that over the past month or so, which is great to see.
We did kind of go out on a limb and try giving him reflux medication, even though he has no physical sign of reflux. His tantrums and fussiness were getting hard to explain (he is seriously SO fussy and never content) and I knew silent reflux exists so we figured it couldn’t hurt to try. And within 12 hours, everyone who was around him commented he was seriously like a different baby. SO much better. Was it truly reflux? I guess we don’t know for sure, but we have definitely seen an improvement and I am so glad we made the decision to give the medicine a try!
Eating: Like a champ! He still nurses, and thanks to our new bottles (review coming later this week so stay tuned!) Eating during the day bas become a million times better with grandma. Of course, anyone who gives him a bottle must heat it to the exactly perfect temperature our mayhew will ensue. He loves pretty much all fruits, and while he doesn’t seem to like veggies quite as much, he has still eaten them without much of a fight. He seems to go the most crazy over apples, but I am sure that will change as he grows. We pretty much skipped right over rice cereal, we served it up a few times and he did okay but I mean, it doesn’t taste like anything. Partly because I am lazy and partly because his pediatrician told me it was okay, I don’t really do much mixing with oatmeal and instead serve him the fruit straight up. I was shocked when, on only his third attempt, he put down an ENTIRE container of bananas. So I may start adding back in the cereal just to fill him up because he is now eating two containers of baby food every day and seems eager for more. My growing boy!
Teeth: None yet, but his bottom gums have the appearance of teeth being not too far beneath the surface, so I am thinking they will be breaking through fairly soon. He loves to chew on EVERYTHING and thinks having his gums massaged is the greatest. Those babies can’t be far away from making their appearance.
Likes: Playing in his jumparoo, or mobile car while at grandma’s house. He loves to watch his big brother play, and is just a snoopy little thing, always listening in on conversations. He loves attention from pretty much anyone, whether it be mommy, daddy, or a complete stranger. He is a big fan of diaper changes, and gets super excited when he gets taken out of his clothes and is allowed to hang out in nothing but a diaper in the early evening. He is a big fan of eating at all hours of the night, and also thinks that mom and dad’s bed is the best place to sleep. He enjoys ceiling fans and when he is in the right mood he loves to have conversations with them. He is in love with the Baby Channel, especially Hide and Seek/Peekaboo, which was Jackson’s favorite as a baby as well! His most recent LOVE has to be food; he gobbles down his apples and bananas faster than I can feed them to him!
Dislikes: Snuggling (cue the sad faces), being hit on the head by big brother, being shaken while in the jumparoo by big brother. He still is not the biggest fan of bath time, but basically just the part where I wash his face and hair, so we still save that for last 😉 He does not like being set down, or whenever people are not within eyesight. He will be happy as can be but if I get up and leave the room he will be hysterical almost immediately. He is not a fan of being held while nursing, and basically the only way I feed him is laying side by side, which makes it a bit tricky if we are out and about!

The days with this boy keep getting sweeter as his personality blossoms and those tough baby days become a bit less frequent. He is a determined, hard-headed little guy, it is clear to everyone who knows him already. It is a joy to watch him work so hard to reach his milestones and grow big and strong. He is a precious soul, and we are so lucky that he is ours!

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