Checking In!

Hello all, yes I am still alive over here. I thought I would have SO much more time to blog and invest in this little corner of the internet while I was on maternity leave, but wouldn’t you know it, a newborn and a not yet two year old make for absolutely NO free time. When one isn’t screaming for milk, the other is usually shoving a book in my face for story time or bringing me his shoes to go outside and play 🙂 Usually when I finally do find myself with a bit of downtime, my brain is so fried from the day that putting together a coherent sentence just is not going to happen 😉

With that being said, I really do have SO much to share. On top of home building, some other exciting turns are happening, because really, what is my life if it isn’t moving at a million miles an hour. I am not able to share anything just yet, but more changes are on the horizon with my return to work in a few short weeks. I am hoping to get my act together to share one more house update before we close in a matter of weeks, get some updates on the boys, and a few other fun things. #momgoals

For those of you that follow along even when I am pretty absent, thank you! I really love being able to share our experiences and life changes here, and I am still reading and following along with you all, even though I may seem a bit MIA! Cheers to Friday, and heck, cheers to motherhood, because this stuff is not for the faint of heart!

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