Another weekend come and gone. My leave is winding down so I am trying to soak up these last three Mondays before they go back to, well, feeling like a Monday 🙂 
Friday night, we had a low key night at home, and snuck out to the house to check out our new flooring at the house!!! I am falling more in love with our bathroom every day.
We are going to start seeing major progress and change on our house from here on out, and I can’t wait to share updates! To see our progress so far, check here and here.
On Saturday, Mike spent the morning working on the house, so I took my little men out on a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather. As soon as Mike got home, he cleaned up to head out to a bachelor party. I swear, life just has not slowed down for a second this summer! Oh how I am going to relish the first weekend with no plans in our new house to just be together as a family 🙂
After I dropped Mike off at my brother in laws, I decided I was braving the mall with my boys. Jackson in his folding stroller and Lincoln in the Solly, we braved the place. There is a new toy store in our mall, and sweet Jackson sat at the train table there a solid ten minutes and was not happy when it was time to leave. This kid cannot get enough trains!
It was coming up on lunch time and I still had to get through Target, so I treated Jackson to the food court for the first time. We split a jumbo piece of pizza. I mean…I managed to steal the crust from this guy. #pizzaaddict #hisfathersson
Jackson loves taking his picture and was happy to take a family selfie. He kills me in his little side turned cap!
After our mall adventure, the boys crashed. And I sat and watched them sleep. I love nap time, but it’s also a bit like house arrest, especially when you are on your own and don’t have your own house to take care of!
After naps, we had lobster dinner at grandma and grandpas. Jackson decided to take a little dip in the fountain on the deck. Doesn’t he look like he was just caught red handed doing something naughty?!
Of course I was too busy eating the lobster to take a picture of the lobster 😉 I did manage to capture the delicious margarita I enjoyed with my mom, courtesy of my dad!

Sunday was another full morning/afternoon at the house for Mike, so we hung low around the house all day, went on a walk, and while both boys napped at the same time, my mother in law and I enjoyed some HGTV time! The night was topped off with watching Happy Feet and changing toddler sheets after an accident while we put him down to bed. With that, onto Monday!

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