am linking up with Danielle for some confessions today. And it has been a challenging week, parent-wise, so bear with me!

When people talk about all the books they read I am amazed and also want to laugh out loud. I can barely take a shower, let alone read a book. When I do have down time, I prefer to sit in silence and stare at the wall, marveling in the quiet. Hopefully one day I can actually get back into reading, but that day is not today.

This week I have definitely had some poor me moments of REALLY wanting my own space. I know we are so close to moving, and really I have gotten used to our current arrangement. But oh how I can’t wait to have a house without a dog in it.
Speaking of dogs, one of Jackson’s current favorite things to do is to poke, prod, and hit dogs, as if he is thinking ‘bite me PLEASE!’ And both of our parents have indoor dogs. Some days it is hard to know that no matter where I go, I will have to be on doggy duty to make sure Jackson doesn’t get himself into trouble.
Yesterday I was quickly trying to pump so I had milk for Lincoln for when I took Jackson to swim lessons. As I was starting, Jackson did what he usually does and put his full body weight in Lincoln in the swing to give him ‘kisses’. Cute, but obviously results in Lincoln crying. I yelled no at Jackson, who stopped, went to pick up a toy truck, and went back to bang it on his brothers head. Pump parts went flying, my poor baby was hysterical, and I locked Jackson in the bedroom for timeout which he has never had. And he spent the entire time playing and talking to himself. I am at my wits end with that kid, because he is not afraid of anything and no punishment that we have tried actually seems to bother him in the slightest.
Also this week, my husband put his hand on my back in bed. And the baby’s 6th sense kicked in and he started crying. We can cuddle again when we’re dead, I guess.
Fruity pebble Oreos are dangerous and I  should not be allowed to have them. The package Mike bought me on Sunday is definitely long gone.
Some days I actually want to go back to work. Which is terrible to even say because when the time to go back to work is actually here I will likely cry. But drinking coffee in silence at my desk doesn’t sound too terrible some mornings!

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    Leslie @ This is For Keeps
    June 30, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    I'm with you when it comes to reading. I love to read, but there is just NO time for it. Some day!

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    Sparkles and Lattes
    June 30, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    I have only recently had time to start reading and it is when I am on a work trip or a vacation and I can only read when my girls are sleeping. It is nice to drink a cup of coffee at your desk and drink it while it is hot. I feel you on most of these confessions.

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