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Hey ladies, we are at another Tuesday which means it is time to link up for Talk About It Tuesday! Life is crazy busy with us lately, so a lately post is what I have going on today!

Life with two under two is no joke. Lincoln is not the easiest baby, and some days have been pretty tough. He is pretty vocal compared to Jackson, who seriously NEVER cried, and he wants to be held all the time. This is so sweet, but some days as a mama it is hard to have that when your first baby needs you, too. I am so grateful both sets of our parents are within minutes (or under the same roof!) during this phase of life, mostly because Jackson is getting precious attention from both sets of grandparents all of the time when I need to be tending to Lincoln.

One thing we have been about lately is time out on the deck. Jax loves to enjoy lunch outdoors, or help with the grilling at night!!

Me and my big guy snuck off for a mommy and me date last week and he enjoyed his first ice cream cone. I think this picture sums up his feelings about the experience.

We hit up our local unclaimed freight store to check out furniture, and ended up finding a near identical set to what we had selected in the furniture store ordered brand new for nearly $200 less than the sale price in store! Of course, the round spinning lounge chair was Jacksons favorite, and I can’t say I blame him!

We spent our weekend playing at the water table and pool in the yard. Our water baby started swim lessons last week, and he LOVES the water. And this mama loves joining him in the perfectly heated pool 😉
Aside from pool time, we have been crazy busy with the house. I’ll have more of an update soon, but in the past 1-2 weeks Mike and his dad have been doing their work, meaning they are there at night and on weekends. It has been stressful and tiring for all of us, but it will be so worth it in 2 or so months when we are moving in! 🙂

And, when babies miraculously nap simultaneously (or my mother in law is being an awesome grandma), I managed to whip up this caramel corn and these muffins this weekend. Nothing makes me day more than some solid time baking in the kitchen!

That’s about it for us lately; building a house and surviving a growing family! It’s crazy, but at the end of every day I know we are really so blessed! 

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