Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ladies! We are in the height of gorgeous spring weather here in Minnesota, and likely will have our first 80 degree day today! I can’t wait to enjoy the weekend and some sunshine!
This may not be relevant to me just yet, but man oh man does this weather have me dreaming of weekend cocktails 🙂 There are quite a few things I am just loving lately, so let’s get right to it!

1. I have seen these fabulous tunic tops on so many blogger pages, and most recently saw it over on Kelsey’s, where she mentioned purchasing it in pink. I swung over to check it out, and fell in love! It was sold out, and I may have obsessively stalked the site until one in my size was returned and purchased it immediately. For $27, how can you not! This color will be so fun and lively for summertime with a pair of jean shorts, I can hardly wait!

I ordered this fun tank top too, and can’t wait to try it on (once this belly is gone!) I think it will be light and fun for summer, and I am dying to try it out on a baby free body.

2. So I am all about wearing dresses, especially in the spring and summer months. Wearing dress pants to work gets so boring, and nothing beats slipping on a light, airy dress on a hot summer day when you have to go into the office. However, part of being light and airy often means being thin and somewhat sheer, and no one wants to see your panty line. I finally just invested in a slip to wear underneath my dresses, and am so glad that I did. I always struggled figuring out how to keep things covered, and this will do the trick! Perfect for under t-shirt dresses this summer!

3. Lemon Oreos. You guys. Lemon Oreos are just the best. It has been a major pregnancy craving so maybe in a few weeks I will want nothing to do with them, but they are the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and just deliciousness. They have also been great for me to have 1 or 2 at night, and it satisfies my ‘sweet’ craving without me needing to indulge in a huge bowl of ice cream. They are seriously too good.

4. You guys, I was literally rolling on the floor laughing while reading this article. SO. FUNNY. I actually had to stop because I was at my work desk and was worried people were going to start thinking that I was losing my mind. I totally get that people need ‘me’ time, and I seriously LOVE maternity leave, but the list of ‘requirements’ in this article really just hits the nail on the head regarding how much maternity leave is NOT about you, and how exhausting and trying those weeks are. Oh, and I also basically never take vacation or days off so that I can rack up as much ‘paid time’ for my maternity leave as possible. Yes, maternity leave is fabulous, but it is NOT a vacation. Read this, it will make your day!

5. I received a Bloom Vox Box this month, and was lucky enough to try out this Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy. I absolutely love it! It smells fantastic, and I put a little bit in my hair before styling in the morning around my roots, and I have been super impressed by the volume! I am also not one for greasy or super textured products, and this keeps my hair feeling fresh and clean. I highly recommend!

* I received the #bloomvoxbox complimentary for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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