Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get to shopping for the most special lady in your life. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and Nordstrom for their speedy quick shipping, am I right 😉 As a relatively new mama myself, I rounded up some goodies that I personally would not be bummed to see next Sunday, hint hint loved ones! We really place more value on spending time together than gifts when it comes to these types of holidays, but sometimes a little thought goes a long way with a gift!

Lip Scrub//Tote//Clarisonic// Ring //Body Scrub // Gloss

I am all about a good body scrub, especially when it smells like delicious essential oils. Perfect for a little calming and relaxation, particularly when a shower or bath is likely the only minutes of peace and quiet a mama of young ones gets all day!
This lip scrub is absolutely delicious, and in fact it was a gift to my mother in the past. It comes in a whole variety of flavors, but grapefruit is always high on my list, it is so refreshing. This stuff will leave your lips ridiculously soft and tasting delicious, which may result in extra kisses from the littles 🙂
Ever since becoming a mother, I find that I have a hard time ‘splurging’ on items for myself. I buy new clothing items (on clearance 99% of the time) and essentials like face wash and drugstore makeup (again, I am cheap!) but nothing high end of ‘unnecessary’. I have always thought the Clarisonic is great, and whenever I have gotten a facial and they use this I definitely notice a difference! This little gadget is great to treat the most special lady in your life to something she probably won’t treat herself to!
Hear me loud and clear; once you become a mama, big purses  become your life. Treat the mama in your household to a darling tote like the one above, lots of pockets, and plenty of room!  The fact that it can be worn on the shoulder or carried with the handles is a major plus, too!
Another little splurge item that is great for mom is something like this Bobbi Brown lipgloss. I am all about the $3 glosses from my local Walgreens, but there is just something special about using something a bit more high end on occasion. This is another fun treat that I usually won’t buy for myself, but definitely wouldn’t say no to!
Finally, this has been one of my favorite gifts to date. A mother’s ring means so much, and this style is so simple, and best of all, they are ‘stackable’. I wear my ring with Jackson’s birth stones in it every single day, and am already eager to add to the same finger with this new baby’s birth stone (which is looking to most definitely end up being an emerald for May!) It is a perfect reminder every single day of the most important job she has ever had 🙂
Any other great mother’s day gifts you have gifted or been given? I would love to hear!

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