What’s Hap-pinning: House Status

Today I am linking up with Jenn, Jessi, and Holly to share what is going on with us lately. Of course, most posts tend to revolve around my son, my pregnancy, or our moving process.
Well… we are officially under construction! It was the longest time coming EVER (at least in my mind), but it is finally getting going and I couldn’t be more excited! We closed on our loan about two weeks ago, and the next day the brush was trimmed and the space was being cleared. The following Monday, I drove by to see this most beautiful of sights:
Big old machinery on our lot! They were hauling dirt and moving things around and digging that hole I have been dreaming about for the past month! By the end of Tuesday, we had a driveway (and a port-a-potty!)
I don’t have a great picture, and with this rainy and wet week we are having walking the land just isn’t high on my list of things I want to do, but in less than a week we have all of our block in, insulation being placed, and as of last night we were informed the plan is to be pouring concrete next week!
I am so excited about the progress. I have been told it goes really fast in the beginning, and once they start working on the inside you obviously see less ‘visible’ process, but after waiting for SO long, seeing changes every single day right now is so much fun! My husband and father in law will actually be doing some of the plumbing and in floor heating this weekend/early next week, which seems crazy to me. After months of waiting, to all of the sudden be doing the things we discussed is both stressful and a ‘pinch me’ moment, all at once! 
In other house news, last week, we met up with our construction project manager, and we picked out our siding, trim, railings, door handles, roof shingles, and a list of other little things for around the house. It was crazy to knock so many things off of the list in one appointment! Our manager actually commented that we were making things too easy! Aside from going back and forth on the house exterior and colors, we really did agree on pretty much everything. Discussing beforehand and agreeing on the general style we liked (clean, straight lines for us; nothing with too much rounded edges or woodwork!) made it really easy to narrow down choices and go with the logical best options to keep our interior clean and consistent throughout. 
Next on the list will be picking out the stone for our exterior, meeting with the designer for our cabinets, and then little things like the garage door, getting our final few appliances, and whatever else pops up. Oh, and light fixtures, which I have my fingers crossed will be an easy and joint decision between myself and my husband 😉

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