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Well, this week has been a week so far. Our weekend of beautiful weather we were so looking forward to turned into a weekend of running an upset toddler to the doctor, where we had it pointed out to us that he is cutting all four molars at once. Nice. So, we did a lot of cuddling, forcing (and failing) Tylenol down his throat, and not sleeping. Sunday, we woke up realizing it wasn’t just teeth we were dealing with, as we had one sick little boy on our hands. So, this has turned into a week of me staying in and working from home, running back to the doctor for a diagnosis of Influenza A and croup, and many, many snuggles and booger stained shirts. Poor baby. Needless to say, no blogging has happened so far this week, as I have had approximately two minutes where I didn’t have a sick baby crying on my chest or a laptop in front of me trying to stay caught up with work. Working mama for the win, am I right!?

In those two minutes of free time, I have managed to get onto Pinterest and the trend has definitely been ‘food’ this week!

How delicious and easy do these little cupcakes look! I think these would be adorable and fun for a summertime party! Anyone else totally have spring/summer on their mind!?
If you ever check out my Pinterest page, you will find I am obsessed with pastas and comfort foods. I just stumbled across this one earlier this week and am dying to make it. That is a lot of deliciousness in one pot!
I made homemade orange chicken and fried rice last week, and it was a HIT. Let me tell you, in a house that usually has a decent amount of leftovers, there was barely enough for me to salvage as a ‘meal’ to bring to work the next day. This stuff was good, and also way healthier than the options you are going to find at a typical chinese restaurant. I will definitely make this agian!
I’ll be the first one to admit I am a total lover of your store bought tub of frosting, because that stuff is good. But sometimes, a homemade versions just tastes (and feels) more special! I saw this recipe and am thinking I am going to have to try it out. I think it would be perfect on a light, fruity cake as we enter spring and the warmer months!
Mostly dying over these because HELLO funfetti, and also how adorable would these be as an Easter treat!? We don’t go too big for any holidays around here, as we are just a lowkey family. Still, something makes a treat so much more special when it changes from simply being a ‘dessert’ to being festive and matching a holiday. We may be 0% Irish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t jump at the opportunity to make shamrock cookies and drink shamrock shakes! 😉 It’s the little things, and these cookies look like they are on point.
That is it for me this week, as five straight days of a sick baby means no worthwhile outfits to share, no fun outings to brag about, and no delicious homemade meals to talk about. Sometimes, I am ridiculously thankful for short weeks, because I can barely survive them as it is! Happy hump day everyone! 😉
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