Baby #2: Wishlist

As many moms who have already been through the newborn thing can likely attest, what you think you need and what you actually need definitely changes from the first to the second baby. With Jackson, we were starting from scratch on everything, which meant lots of big purchases. This time, we have a crib, swing, bouncer, bumbo, highchair, the list goes on…and we have bought any item that could ever possibly need to be reused in gender neutral tones, so even if we would ever have a girl (if my dear husband can survive two boys..) we will still be set.

With all that being said, there are so many little  products out there that you just don’t think about when you are focused on the big things. And some of those little things are lifesavers, truly. Here are some of my must-have items for baby boy #2!


1.  Bamboo swaddle blankets
I recently gifted one of these to a friend for her new baby, and she just told me it is their absolute favorite blanket, and with good reason. All swaddle blankets are soft, but the bamboo swaddle blankets are so ridiculously soft, it makes me want to get one in an adult size. We didn’t do much swaddling with Jackson, but I am determined to try as many tricks and gadgets as possible to help this new baby get into better sleeping habits from the start.

2. Wubbanub
Another item my first baby pretty much refused from a very young age was a pacifier. This time, I plan to have one of these loveys to attach for my little guy, hoping it can be a comfort item for him. And really, how precious is that little bunny? I die.

3. Sleepers
We have a LOT of pajamas from Jackson’s first year, especially from 6 months on. But my all time favorites that I practically wore out were the Old Navy sleepers. They are so soft, have the cutest patterns, and are good quality. I have already stocked up on a few for baby, and am dying to put them on him already.

4. Dual Video Monitor
We are going to have two under two in our house, and we definitely still use and depend on the monitor for our ‘big boy’. The dual monitor has great reviews and allows you to use one item versus try to keep an eye on two babies on two monitors, not to mention having all of those extra cords lying around.

5. Onesies
Again, something I bought a few of before that I wished I had purchased more of are onesies from the Gap. They are so much softer, durable, and high quality than any other brand I have found, and I have definitely stocked up on a few of these precious pocket onesies for little man to rock this summer.

6. Bath towels
I used the same few bath towels to get us through the first year, and truly it wasn’t enough. It is great to have big, roomy towels that you can wrap baby in so they stay warm once you take them out of the bathtub. Hooded towels are the absolute best, and are great for keeping that teeny baby head warm!

7. Wipe Warmer
I had a diaper wipe warmer with Jackson, and l.o.v.e.d. it. As he got older, the usage became less and less as the cold wipes were less upsetting to him, and eventually I gifted mine to my sister in law. The reason I was willing to part ways with our beloved warmer is because I saw this one, and knew immediately it was a must have for our next baby. My number one complaint of the standard wipe warmer is that it REALLY dried out the wipes, especially the top ones. This drove me nuts, as sometimes I would pull out a wipe that literally had zero moisture left in it. This spray feature is huge, and I am so excited to purchase and have for this next baby. Again, this is totally one of those little luxuries that you don’t know you need until you have it.

8. Jogging Stroller
 I have a single stroller that I have used more times than I can count, and honestly cannot imagine ever not having it. After a lot of research and asking many mom friends of mine, I pulled the trigger on this double stroller. While it is wider making it a bit trickier to maneuver in public places, the ease of pushing and going over different terrains was most important to me. I can’t wait to see how this one works and start using it as soon as possible once baby arrives.

9. Blanket
Everyone gifts you blankets and quilts when you have a baby, but for whatever reason I really have liked the sentimental value of selecting the primary blanket for each of my babies. I purchased this one for Jackson and love it to this day, and just bought this one, which is the same style but a different color and design for the new baby. I seriously love these blankets, and am 100% happy that I chose to buy them.

10. Wrap
This is one thing that I never even tried with my first, in part because I had the luxury of sitting on the couch all day snuggling and staring at him. That same little baby is now an energetic and demanding toddler, so I knew a wrap was a must. I received this wrap for Christmas and am in love. I love the neutral colors (again perfect reason for a third, right husband?!), and the fabric is oh, so soft. I have heard rave reviews and babies seem to love it, so I am hopeful that this will allow me to cook dinner with baby in the wrap and a toddler likely clinging to my leg.

Really, most of these items aren’t big ticket or what you typically think of as being necessary for a baby, but in my limited experience as a mama, these little items really can make the world of difference. I would love to hear must have items other mama’s can’t live without!

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    February 17, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    I used the Solly wrap with Harper and I loved it! it was super comfortable and not at all bulky (obviously..since its just like cloth haha) but I found that some of the others were too structured for me. The Solly was perfect! Hope you enjoy!

  • Reply
    February 17, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    I'm so glad I saw this!!! I need a proper jogger and, unfortunately, hated our single Graco jogger. I'll have to check out that Baby Trend one because with two and being a runner, I need options!

  • Reply
    February 17, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    This is a great list! My sister is pregnant so I love looking at fun gift ideas : )

  • Reply
    Stang & Co.
    February 17, 2016 at 7:59 pm

    I am seriously SO excited to use it!!! I get sad sometimes not being able to yet, and trying it out on an 18 month old probably wouldn't be my best idea 😉

  • Reply
    Stang & Co.
    February 17, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    I had the single Graco jogger and had no major issues with it, but hated the front wheel, it always seemed to automatically lock and I ended up needing to buy a replacement wheel as a result! I got so much positive feedback on the Baby Trend, I am excited to assemble it and give it a try!

  • Reply
    Stang & Co.
    February 17, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Thanks! No real 'necessities' but let me tell you if there is one gift to buy her she wouldn't think of getting herself, it's the wipe warmer! Total lifesaver 🙂

  • Reply
    Morgan Gifford
    February 18, 2016 at 5:02 am

    Love this! I'm not having baby no. 2 any time soon but I'll keep some of these in mind. I definitely regret not getting a wipe warmer.

  • Reply
    The Girl who Loved to Write
    February 18, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Having a wipe warmer has been a life saver during diaper changing time!

  • Reply
    Stang & Co.
    February 18, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Honestly it is something worth investing in! I can't imagine not having one. It's funny how despite all of the researching hands on experience is where you really learn which items are the best 🙂

  • Reply
    Stang & Co.
    February 18, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    aren't they amazing!? I wouldn't want a cold wipe touching me after someone stripped me down in the middle of the night either! I felt a little less 'mean' during diaper changes thanks to the warmer 🙂

  • Reply
    Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too!
    February 18, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    Great choices! This is giving me baby fever. It better stop because I already have 4! Stopping by from the linkup! XOXO

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