A Day In The Life

I have been wanting to do one of these posts for quite awhile, as I always find it to be so much fun to see the simple ins and outs of the days of others. We see the weekend highlights, the holidays, and the fun shopping purchases, but it really is interesting to me to see how people operate on an average day. Of course, I woke up committed to doing this on Monday, only to get midday and realize I totally slacked and dropped the ball on taking much of anything for photos after 10am. And I love photos and decided I didn’t want to do this post without them. So, here we go, take two, but we did it!

5:00am: alarm goes off. I always, always ignore this alarm. But, I also like realizing I have another hour to sleep before I actually need to get up. Call me strange, but I enjoy this hour of limbo every morning.

6:00am: alarm goes off. This time, I actually wake up. Usually I hit the snooze button once, or lay in bed for 10-15 minutes reading a blog or two, scrolling through e-mails (that always tempt me with sales) and cuddling with my little man who inevitably made his way into our bed sometime around 2am.

6:10am: start the car. It has been SO cold lately, I have to let the car run for a solid 15 minutes in the morning to feel like a good parent..
6:15am: brush teeth, wash face, all of those fun things. Ignore our messy bathroom!
6:25am: hair done, makeup done, teeth brushed, and ready to go. I get ready in 15 minutes max each morning. Having a toddler with teach you to be efficient, and I am seriously efficient in the morning.
6:30am: bundled up and out the door!

6:35am: at my mom’s. Most days I hang out at my mom’s for 45 minutes or so in the morning and have coffee and chat with her, but today I have a work meeting out of town that I have to be at by 7:30, so after a quick stop at the gas station for a coffee to keep my hands from completely freezing, I am on the road ASAP.

7:30am: Work meeting. Discussing expanding our program to regional markets. I have another meeting in the same town at 9 and have a few minutes to kill, so for five minutes in between meetings..

I swing into the holy land. And I didn’t buy a single thing! Perhaps that is self control, or perhaps I didn’t have adequate time to do any real damage.
9:00am: Another work meeting at a coffee shop, again to discuss expanding our program. I usually don’t buy coffee twice in a day, but sometimes…you just do. And don’t worry, it’s all decaf unfortunately.

11:00am: back in the office, ready to tackle e-mails and get caught up on the day.
12:00pm: not quite ready for lunch, but I give into my biggest pregnancy craving lately for a snack.

1:00pm: eat lunch. Today I go super fancy with a frozen Smart One’s meal. I eat lunch while listening to a webinar at my desk. Exciting stuff, I tell you!
2:00pm: coffee. Decaf, again. But totally necessary, in large part just because my office is freezing.

3:30pm: another webinar. I don’t mind webinars, but I have a lot to tune into this week, and I honestly have a hard time keeping my attention with them after awhile..
4:00pm: gym time. If I get to the gym on a week night, it is usually a day like today when I start work early and am able to sneak out a little bit earlier. I went for a run, and it was rough. Some days your body just isn’t having it, but I sucked it up anyway and am glad that I did.

5:00pm: I pick up my little guy, and we swing by our lot on the way home. It is right on the way for us, so I am sure our future neighbors have come to recognize my vehicle by now. Sometimes I just love to sit and picture our new house being there in a matter of months; I can’t wait!

5:15pm: Playtime. This boy is all about the trains lately, and loves to drive them around the room.

5:30pm: Shower. I usually try to get this in BEFORE dinner (as my wonderful mother-in-law does a lot of the cooking) so that our family is free to just relax afterwards. Towel hair, don’t care.

We eat dinner around 5:45, it was stir-fry tonight, and Jackson went to town on the bean sprout noodles! No pictures, as most nights I keep the phone away from our mealtime.
6:30pm: Post bath-time play, which involves running to his favorite place in the house, the computer. Jackson tries to take over the mouse from grandpa, but mom swept in to bring the little man downstairs.

7:00pm: Working on a crochet project for my dear coworker who is having her baby NEXT TUESDAY!

7:30-8:00pm: I put Jackson to bed. The past week or so he has been super fidgety at bedtime, so our routine has gone from about 15 minutes to half an hour. Much better than the near hour it was taking a month or two ago!
8:00pm: An episode of the O.C. in bed.

9:00pm: True story, it is diffuser on and lights out by 9:00pm nearly every night. I am pregnancy, Mike wakes up at the crack of dawn for work, and we like our sleep. Parent life for the win!
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    January 14, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Love this! I also love seeing peoples lives day to day and the not so perfect. You must be exhausted girl-you're doing so much! Super mom!

  • Reply
    Sarah Shaneyfelt
    January 14, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    Love your post today! I am very impressed that it only takes you a few minutes to get ready and you have a toddler! Also, can't imagine driving in the snow/slush/ice that you do!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  • Reply
    Savannah Nichols
    January 14, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    I'm so impressed! I wish I could get ready in 15 minutes. It takes me 30 and I thought that was fast!

  • Reply
    emily @ a little bit of emily
    January 14, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    I love these posts. I tried one the other day but got like 3 pics so I think I need to give it another go.

  • Reply
    January 15, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    I love reading these types of posts! It's seriously impressive that you can get up, ready, and out the door in 15-20 minutes! I can do it in about 30, but I'm going non-stop. Share your secrets with us 🙂

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