Our Christmas 2015

Just like that, Christmas has come and gone. Every year it seems to go faster and faster, and this year was no exception! We packed a lot into a few days, but great memories were made and our little guy lived it up!
Last Wednesday, we were prepared to go down to see the Macy’s display in Minneapolis, but unfortunately last minute Jackson and I had to stay home. So what does a mama do with a little man dressed to kill with nowhere to go? Well, first you let him bang on the piano.

The kid loves the piano. 
Then, you head to the mall, and enjoy a bit of browsing and last minute shopping with little to no crowds. Crowd free shopping two days before Christmas? Yes, please! Wednesday night was low-key, and in keeping with new traditions, we ordered pizza and lounged and enjoyed the sight of the tree.

On Christmas Eve, Mike and I realized we needed a few more gifts (does the shopping ever end!?) So we were up bright and early at the mall, again, free of almost any crowds. I grabbed a coffee, we browsed a bit, and then headed home. I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen with Mike’s mom, preparing everything for that evening. As Mike’s siblings began trickling in, everyone started playing games, we opened gifts, and ate WAY too much good food.

Stop, drop, and pose.

Jackson really doesn’t understand gift opening yet, and honestly he could care less. You would think the idea of tearing paper to shreds would appeal to him, but alas my toddler boy really isn’t big on making messes. He did love the things inside of the wrapping paper though, and had tons of fun playing with his homemade trainset from Grandpa Dave and his build-it-yourself- tent from his aunt and cousin! Of course, his favorite thing to do is still run around rearranging a bunch of old toy balls that we found in the garage a few weeks ago. Simplicity is what that kid is all about.
After gifts, we sat down to dinner, ate even more food, and just relaxed. Jackson stayed up a little later than usual, and my buddy was pretty pooped by the end of the night.

 An angel if I ever did see one!
 Me and my sweet boy.
After putting him to bed, this mama could barely keep her eyes open, but we got gifts set out for the following morning, and were in bed minutes after laying the little guy down!

Christmas morning, we went upstairs to open gifts from Santa, and once again, Jackson really could care less.

 Vacuuming while testing out his new potty chair. He is our efficient child.

 He caught on quickly to shooting the basketball in the basket!
After gifts, I whipped up a breakfast casserole, we lounged around, and after Jackson took a nap we headed over to my parents for their Christmas. We grabbed a family photo quickly when we got there before Jackson started stripping off his clothing and getting into everything 😉
I cannot get over his cheesy smile in this picture! He has figured out the camera and literally will pose for pictures now!

Grandma and grandpa wanted a picture too. This picture makes me laugh out loud. Are those not three of the cheesiest smiles you have ever seen!? My mom has some genuine smiling going on, but Jackson and my dad? Priceless.
We opened gifts, and Jackson made out like a bandit with his new rocking horse and slide.

He quickly discovered the fun in the slide is crawling up, not sliding down 😉

We sat down later to our annual seafood dinner, complete with shrimp, crab, and lobster tails, topped off with peppermint ice cream cake. It is the meal I look forward to all year, it is soo good. We packed up and headed out shortly after, as it really had been a long few days. We got home, and little man was crashed and asleep in a matter of minutes. It really was a wonderful Christmas, and while I am sad to see it go and to prepare packing away all of our decorations, I am already looking forward to next year, with a new house and new baby, I have a feeling it will be our best, yet! 🙂

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